Cloud Engineer

Innsbruck/Vienna, Austria

Innsbruck or Vienna, Austria • Full-time

Cropster is the market leader in software for the specialty coffee industry. We work with farmers, exporters, importers and roasters in over 90 countries around the world to help them deliver a better more sustainable cup of coffee.

We’re a fast growing and highly customer focussed business. With a successful history of over 10 years, close collaboration with customers across the world and the coffee supply chain. We believe that work-life balance is more than a catch phrase; it is a part of our success. We encourage empowerment and taking over responsibilities. We provide our team with room to grow within our organization to develop their interests and expertise whatever their current experience level. We offer fair, competitive, and transparent pay. The range for this position is €39K to 54K gross and we look at factors like your experience and individual qualifications to determine our offer, which includes benefits like an educational budget and an endless stream of really great coffee. We also make our best possible offer upfront—no games.

Join us and become part of a great team focused on developing an expanding product line, which includes a native desktop application that helps coffee roasters, a mobile application for sensorial tasting, IoT hardware to track environmental conditions, and a comprehensive cloud application at its core for managing and analyzing coffee related data and more.

About the role

As a Cloud engineer you will work closely with the entire engineering team to implement, maintain and automate our cloud-based infrastructure and build services and applications on top of it. You will be actively working on one or more core components, fixing bugs, solving complex technical problems, and implement features that our customers interact with every day.

We don’t require engineers to be already familiar with all the technologies we use. We are happy to invest in people that showcase a strong understanding of the challenges of building secure cloud based systems.


We are looking for people with:

  • BSc, MSc, or PhD in computer science, mathematics, physics, bioinformatics, or related fields, or a proven track record in developing non-trivial applications
  • At least two years of experience, knowledge and excitement building cloud infrastructure (preferable AWS)
  • A passion for software engineering (development, DevOps)
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Fluency in any modern object-oriented programming language (e.g. Java, Python, Javascript, etc.)
  • A strong command of written and spoken English

That said, we’d be particularly delighted to hire someone with:

  • Familiarity with AWS Services (IAM, DynamoDB, S3, Aurora, VPC, EKS and IoT)
  • Experience with Infrastructure as Code and Terraform in particular
  • A keen interest in cloud application security and encryption
  • Knowledge of MySQL
  • Additional languages (human and machine)

More about us

What we offer:

Flexible hours and work-life balance, what does that mean?

Work-life balance at Cropster means that you'll have time to tend to the life stuff that comes up outside your job. Doctor's appointment? Sick kid? Waiting for a handyman? We have all been there and you won't need to plan your life around your working hours to take care of your life. Beside flexible working hours, we also provide the option to work from home if you want or need to. Also 38.5 hour/week are the norm, not the exception.

What is it like to live in Innsbruck?

As the capital of the Austrian Alps in Tyrol, Innsbruck is a world-class destination for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, climbing and countless other outdoor activities. It only takes 20 minutes to get from the city center to 2,256 meters above sea level, summer and winter. If you enjoy outdoor sports, it is one of the world leaders—we think #1. It also has a great university, lots of bars, cafes and clubs, a good live music scene, an impressive infrastructure and business environment for a city of its size along with a well-connected airport. Innsbruck is only 30 minutes from Italy and 45 minutes from Germany. Bottom line, outside the office, you are spoiled for choice in Innsbruck.

TL;DR It’s awesome. Seriously. 

Working out of our new office in Vienna is awesome; here is why.

Vienna is more than a world-class city. In 2018 it was awarded city with the highest quality of life for the 9th time in a row! As the capital of Austria, Vienna sits at the heart of Europe. It combines nature and city with over 2000 parks. Well known for music, museums and coffee house culture, Vienna is also the home of the German-speaking worlds largest University. It is an amazing University town with all the activities, resources, and nightlife you could want. It is also a terrific city for families if that is your thing. An additional benefit to Vienna - Cropster's Innsbruck headquarters is only a few hours away by train making business trips combined with pleasure trips in the heart of the Austrian Alps a real possibility.

TL;DR It’s a fantastic place to live. That's why it keeps getting awards.