I came across some talk about RoR in the last months, like here and here. I have heard of it before but have never thought about it as tool for live and/or post roast analysis. This changed on the day I came across James Hoffmann’s blog post showing the data as graph.

What is the RoR? The RoR is the rate of increase bean mass temperature over time. Lets consider the following example.

30 seconds BT change

The image shows the change within the bean temperature over 30 seconds (04:00 to 04:30). In this interval our bean temperature rises from 143 to 149 fahrenheit, which translates to a RoR of approximately 6 fahrenheit.

To smooth out the graph we use a simple moving average – which helps to better highlight trends and filter out short-term fluctuations.

I’m happy to announce that with todays update of our Roasting Intelligence tool, rise rate graphs will be available to all our customers. You can also change the interval between curve value readings to fit your personal preference. If you prefer raw numbers over the graph, then you can also find the value below the corresponding temperature on the right hand side.

To enable the feature, go to the machine settings in your roasting client and choose an interval for the Rise-Rate.

We are already working on an update that allows you to compare the rise rates of different roast profiles. Happy roasting and stay tuned for future updates.


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