Introducing: The Cropster Plug&Play series

To roast great coffee and control production you need good equipment, data analysis and experience for that. Cropster teams up with other industry leaders to help you with the first two. Fully integrated plug&play solutions to make your live easier.

For this release we have partnered with Loring Smart Roast [...]

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Red fruit and almond aroma.
Sweet, molasses and mature red fruit.
Smooth texture.
Medium intense, balanced acidity.
Transparent and crisp with subtle natural processed fruit flavor.

That’s the first cupping notes of the coffee for the upcoming
Norwegian Aeropress Championships 2014,
Sat, March 22nd 2014


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Information sharing is a basic requirement for a trade relations. A buyer wants to know origin, amounts, variety and processing at the least. The supplier wants an easy way to send this information, have it organized and to receive a feedback on it. Sharing this information can be quite burdensome: Different requirements from buyers, different [...]

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What probe type is it?

On February 7, 2014 By

A practical guide to figure out what is installed on your machine.

Standing before a probe – So what type is it?

As a coffee roaster you can come to a point where you need to know about the type of temperature probes that are installed in your machine. Sometimes probes [...]

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What’s the right probe?

- This is an attempt to explain the matter from a roaster’s perspective -

I work in sales and customer care at Cropster. One to several times a day I ask customers “What kind of probes are installed”. Usually we find out by checking [...]

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Cropster schreibt sich seit jeher “Effizienz” auf die Fahnen. Unser automatisiertes Röstbuch für den deutschen Zoll ordnet sich genau in dieser Kategorie ein. Wir haben bei deutschen Röstern angefragt, bei welchen Prozessen am meisten Zeit verloren geht. Fast unisono kam die Antwort: Verwaltung des Röstbuches und der Chargenblätter. Wir haben Unterlagen bekommen, diese analysiert und [...]

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This article is a short resume of our presentation and cupping at the event Rösterkranzl (October 25th-26th) in Garmisch, Germany. The roastery Wildkaffee presented it for the very first time. One hour from our doorstep in Innsbruck, we were happy to drop by and contribute with a lecture. Our lecture focused on roasting with the [...]

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Am 25-26 Oktober fand das erster Rösterkranzl in Garmisch bei Wildkaffee statt. Der Andrang war groß und der Austausch einfach genial. Cropster hielt den zweiten Vortrag am ersten Veranstaltungstag. Wir hatten einen Vortrag vorbereitet, der sich ganz auf die Entwicklungszeit beim Kaffeerösten konzentrierte.

Die Entwicklungszeit wurde vom Anfang des First Crack bis zur Ende der [...]

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