All new Roast Ranger 2.0

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Cropster’s Roast Ranger assigns your predefined goals and ranges of parameters to roast profiles. It then checks against them and sends you reports so you stay on top of which roasts don’t meet your criteria.

Now we have made Roast Ranger even smarter! Check it out:

Integrates into Roasting Intelligence (RI) New consistency checkers: Baking, flatlining, […]

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Many roasters take samples of their roasted coffee batches to keep as retain sample or for cupping. Cropster has extended its printing functionalities in the RI roasting software to make it much easier to print labels for marking roast samples or bins.

Label printing – What has changed?

The RI already allowed to print roast batch information on […]

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What has changed?

Backed up by the data from previous years on the stability of thermocouple readings we are now confident enough to update the smoothing algorithm that is used to draw the RoR.

How do the changes take effect?

The change will improve the sensitivity of the RoR and make it react faster to […]

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This is for all the roasting lovers who cannot be in Rimini. The finals are on. Competitors are dialling in their perfect roasts. They will let the coffee rest till tomorrow and hand over their best batch to the judges. This pages lists all roasts from the finals. If you want, you can also check out the roast […]

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Day 1 has started. It is practice time on the world coffee roasting championship. The competitors have the chance to test the green coffee and get used to the machines and Cropster software. People are roasting on a new Giesen W6 machine which integrates directly with Cropster Roasting Intelligence. In contrast to last year only 1 green coffee […]

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Roast Explorer has been a integral part of Cropster Roast for already 3 years. Its goal is to correlate a set of roast parameters  to see how they connect and how they affect quality. In Cropster’s Roast Explorer you can include or exclude a total set of 12 key parameters including duration, weight, charge/end temp, color values, […]

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Roasters have traditionally referred to the time from the onset of first crack until the end of a roast as “development time.” Lengthening development time to mute acidity or increase development is a common practice, especially when roasting coffee intended for espresso. However, adjusting development time without considering it in the context of the entire […]

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Pre-SCAA event times are always exciting for us. For one, we are looking forward to meet with our fellow clients (and get to know future ones) but also  we traditionally prepare a package of innovative solutions that help you further optimize your roast consistency and workflows.

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