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Latest release - Online offer sheets & special offers - simple, functional and customizable

We've been working hard with buyers and sellers across the world to deliver the best green coffee selling platform available. In our latest Hub release we have been focusing on making offer sheets even better and highlighting special offers. These two features improve seller’s ability to get the word out about coffees and help buyers find them, whether they are across town or across the world.

Hub Offer List General ViewWith shareable offer sheets your offerings are always up to date, everywhere.


The latest in shareable offer sheets

Cropster is a leader in helping green coffee sellers move from emails, spreadsheets and pdfs to online offer sheets. From day one coffees on Hub have been available across the internet, search and including the information buyers are looking for. Last year we introduced shareable offer sheets that allow sellers to list their coffees anywhere on the web. That means up-to-date offer sheets that are always available making life easier for buyers and sellers. Plus, sellers only need to update their coffees in one place - on Hub. 

Since the initial launch we have been making minor improvements. But with this release offer sheets take a leap forward. Our latest release features a new and simple widget. This means adding an offer sheet to any web page is even easier. Putting an offer sheet online anywhere is now almost as simple as adding a link to an email or social media post. The result, an amazingly functional and easy to use offer sheet that will work on any device and it’s customizable.

Hub Current Offer ListSelect the information you want to present and how you want it to look with customizable, shareable offer sheets.


A completely customizable offer sheet solution!

The standard Hub offer sheet includes Name, Region, Available Amount, Availability, Processing Method, Varieties, Descriptors and Price. It looks clean and is easy to understand and easy to use. It features a default view where coffees are grouped by Country.

Different buyers and sellers have different requirements and desires. As a result the new Hub offer list widget is 100% customizable. That means you can adapt fields, change the grouping of coffees, add filters to what is shown where, sort by whatever you want and completely customize the appearance to match your existing website. That last bit will require a little technical knowledge (unless you built your site yourself ;-)). Sounds interesting? If you’d like more details just head over to Cropster Hub's help center to see all the possibilities.

Special offers are here!

How do I highlight a special coffee to my buyers? It’s a question we’ve heard and here is the solution. Thanks to input from buyers and sellers on Hub we have integrated the ability to highlight special offers on Hub. It’s a seemingly small change (with a lot of functionality behind it). The result, sellers can now help buyers find special coffees by highlighting them directly in their offerings.

Hub Special Offer List

Special offer in your inventory? Make sure buyers are aware with a special offer highlight.

Hub Special Offer List Detail

You can link to your Hub shop and offer sheet from anywhere and make buyers’ overall online experience even better with highlighting your special offers.

There’s lots more in the works for Hub thanks to feedback from its users. We’ve had a great year on Hub with a huge volume of coffees being added through 2017 that continues to increase. We’re thrilled with where Hub is today and where it’s heading. We hope you are too. If you gave us feedback on these features - Thanks! And if you didn’t but you have an idea for Hub, we’d love to hear from you. Hub is a collaboration and together we can all make it better and more accessible to people across the coffee supply chain.

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