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Cropster Roast

Do you work in a roastery? In a roasting business?

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Cropster Lab

Do you work in a coffee or cocoa lab or trade coffee/cocoa?

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Do you produce and offer high quality coffee? 

Cropster Hub

Cropster Hub

Find coffees that matter! Cropster Hub links coffee buyers to sellers so that they can find unique coffees from all over the world on one platform.  

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Cropster in Bogota - April 27th 2016

Cropster visitara Bogota. Le invitamos a participar en una demostración del sistema.


Cropster Hub Warehouse Filter Feature Release: Great coffee discovery made even easier

Matt Stringer,

Cropster Hub is releasing its most requested feature since its debut in early February: ­Warehouse Filtering.


World Coffee Roasting Championships WCRC 2016

Andy Benedikter,

This is the real-time blog for the WCRC 2016 contestants' roast profiles! Join the talk and share your opinion about them!

Cup Release

Cropster’s new cupping app: Explaining Cropster Cup

Andy Benedikter,

It's out! Our new cupping app, Cropster Cup, has come to life! Available on iPad and iPhone for open BETA trial, Cropster Cup is designed to create an easy-to-use, flexible and well-integrated cupping experience.

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