Algrano/Cropster - Series 1: Simplifying Direct Sourcing

Algrano/Cropster - Series 1: Simplifying Direct Sourcing

21. sep. 2021 - 21. sep. 2021 | Zoom webinar

Simplifying Direct Sourcing - Together with Algrano, we speak with Hannes Fendrich of Coffee Circle to learn about the challenges, opportunities, and philosophies of direct sourcing. With Hannes, Marcus Young of Cropster and Luiza Furquim of Algrano discuss how technology can improve direct sourcing through traceability, roaster / producer match making, simplified logistics, and transparently sharing quality reports. Hannes shares how his solutions from Cropster and Algrano simplify direct sourcing.

Join us on September 21st at 7pm Central European Time for a fascinating discussion!

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