When will I receive my first bill?

Your first bill will be calculated after your 14-day free trial has ended. You will then receive your bill monthly and it will be updated based on the previous months volume. Please note: your initial bill may take longer based on the start date of your trial (your first roast) and other factors.

How will I receive my bill?

You will receive your bill via email every month. If you don’t see your invoice please check your junk/spam folder for the first bill and add its email to your white list/preferred sender list to ensure you always see them. Please note: during your account setup you will receive an invitation to set yourself up on Ronin (our accounting service). Please do this. Ronin will then give you full access to your all your invoices (including the ability to download previous invoices). For more information about Ronin and how billing works please take a look at 'What is Ronin' on this page.

What is Ronin and how can I use it to manage my Cropster billing requirements?

Ronin is the name of the Cropster billing system. It provides access to everything you need to manage your billing, financial relationship and it even supports access to historical billing information if needed. We have created a detailed instruction manual to help you create, find and update whatever you need.  As financial information handling can be different across the world, we have three versions of this manual. Please start by selecting the manual that applies to you below.

Ronin Manual for clients in the United States

Ronin Manual for clients in Europe

Ronin Manual for clients located outside of the United States and Europe      

How do I change my credit card on file or add a new credit card to my account?

You can find detailed instructions in our Ronin Manual by using the links to the left.

How can I get my username/password?

You can find detailed instructions in our Ronin Manual by using the links above. 

What payment methods does Cropster accept?

Our preferred method is ACH (for customers in the United States) and SEPA (for customers paying in Euros). We also accept payment via credit card. All ACH, SEPA and credit card are automatically set to auto pay once you make your first payment for your convenience. If you have another method you would like to use please contact our accounting team (accounting@cropster.com) to see if we are able to accommodate your request.

Can I pay via ACH?

Yes, if you are in the United States we accept ACH.  Please refer to our Ronin Manual for details:

Ronin Manual for clients in the United States

Can I pay via SEPA?

Yes, if you are in a qualifying country. The Single Euro Payments Area, or SEPA, is an area in which consumers, companies and all other users of payment services can make and receive payments in Euro under the same conditions and with the same rights and obligations, regardless of their location within Europe. SEPA covers 34 European countries: the 28 Member States of the European Union, as well as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino.  For help on how to setup a SEPA payment Please refer to our Ronin Manual:

Ronin Manual for clients in Europe

How do I add a new contact or remove an old contact used for billing purposes (e.g. where invoices are sent)?

How do I contact the accounting department?

Please send an email to accounting@cropster.com 

I need a W9 for tax purposes (applicable for customers in the United States only)

Please contact us at accounting@cropster.com to obtain this.  
(Please note:  not all clients are subject to receive a 1099 based upon their classification.)