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Algrano/Cropster Series 2: New Approaches to Storytelling for Coffee Producers

Storytelling is baked into specialty coffee and stories are one of our industry’s raw materials. They are first developed in producing countries and, like green beans, transformed by roasters to capture the attention of coffee drinkers all over the globe. To learn about storytelling in coffee, watch the second episode of a joint webinar series from Algrano and Cropster.


02:45 Why Storytelling? What are some of the opportunities and challenges of storytelling?

10:30 From the producer perspective, Diego Robelo explains how storytelling improved the brand image of Aquiares and their farm.

29:15 James explains how the use of Cropster and other digital tools can enhance the way those in origin can tell their stories.

35:00 Philipp discusses the target audience and the structure of storytelling.

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