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We're headed on tour across the southern USA from August 5-14, 2019. Together with our friends from Balzac Brothers we will be hosting a series of workshops across Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Georgia. Here are the tour dates and info on how to sign up.

We'll meet with coffee professionals at roasteries to equip them with tools and knowledge for improving their sourcing, roasting, production planning, inventory, and cupping operations. We'd love to see you there!

Tour Dates of Staying Ahead of the Curve w/Balzac Brothers

8/5 at 6:30 PM - Houston, TX at Blendin Coffee Club

8/6 at 6 PM - San Antonio, TX at Pulp Coffee Roasters

8/7 at 6 PM - Austin, TX at Greater Goods Coffee Roasting Co.

8/8 at 6 PM - Dallas, TX at Full City Rooster

8/9 at 6 PM - Oklahoma city, OK at Coffee Slingers

8/11 at 6 PM - Memphis, TN at French Truck Coffee

8/12 at 6 PM - Nashville, TN at Barista Parlor Golden Sound

8/13 at 6 PM - Chattanooga, TN at Velo Coffee Roasters

8/14 at 6 PM - Atlanta, GA at East Pole Coffee Co.

The workshops are free but space is limited. Registration will be open until the event is full.
To register for one of our workshops simply click here!  


Finally, while we are on tour and close to your roastery, we will also be available for onsite visits! Meaning, we can stop by to help you get started with Cropster or answer any questions you may have about the application.

If you'd like to schedule a visit with Taylor, please click here.