Environmental Sensing

Know your facilities and get more from your coffee

Get the most from your green coffee investment with simple tools to help manage your facility. Keeping coffee fresh brings benefits like longer shelf life. Understanding environmental impacts on your coffee helps you keep results consistent. We built AmbientSensors to help you do that and a lot more.

AmbientSensors are an efficient and cost effective way to track environmental conditions in your warehouse, roastery, cold-storage, etc. They help you to make informed decisions about coffee storage and many other things related to environment that can impact your coffees and roasting. AmbientSensors work for you 24x7 and can alert you if something changes that will affect your inventory.

Monitoring and reporting
Protect your coffee freshness
  • Track the environmental conditions across locations
  • Get a complete overview with sensors across rooms, buildings or locations
  • Set your own target temperature and humidity goals and get notified if conditions go outside your desired ranges
  • Keep a permanent record to help with internal or external regulations (e.g. ISO, food safety acts, etc.)
  • Adjust and maintain your storage conditions based on the data gathered

Coffee is an expensive and delicate resource. Keeping it fresh and stable is an important part of the production process. AmbientSensors give you maximum visibility and the ability to react quickly to the environmental conditions that could impact your coffee at any time. Maintaining your coffee according to ISO recommendations is simple when you have the data & notifications whenever you need them.

We do really appreciate and are grateful for this wonderful product, it has enabled the monitoring of our stores conditions even while away.

Felix Philiph
12 Cups
Understand the impact of environment on your roasting
  • Collect environment temperature, humidity and pressure data for the production and storage areas
  • Review and analyze quality over time against environmental information
  • Gain new insights into quality based on roasting techniques and factors like weather
  • Identify, adjust and select the best roast profile based on weather

Now you can quantify seasonal effects on your roasts and learn how & when to adjust profiles, charge temperature, etc. With a sensor by your roast machine you can easily review roasts and weather together accurately for every roast. With one in the storage area you can also make sure your coffee is in optimal condition for your chosen profile.

Small devices offer huge opportunities to learn and grow
  • Monitor the drying process of green coffee
  • See changes in the air pressure during rainstorms
  • Add to fridges or cold rooms to make sure your most perishable products are safe
  • See how environmental conditions can impact your coffee grinder settings
  • Your idea here (try something new)

AmbientSensors can be placed anywhere you work with coffee. As long as you have access to the Internet you are good to go. We are committed to innovate in this area and cannot wait to see the ideas the coffee community will come up with.

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  • Online help desk to look up support articles at any time
  • Personal support and expert help

We get it. You are running a business, things need to 'just work'. Real support starts with a guarantee that you’ll get a timely answer from a partner who will stay with you until your challenge is resolved. That’s why we include personal support for everything we do. We’ll listen, follow up and track your needs until they’re met. That's one of many reasons 98% of Cropster Support users rate it - Awesome!

How do I get AmbientSensors?
  • AmbientSensors are an add-on to Cropster Roast, Lab, Origin and Cafe
  • To start simply contact us using the form below

How much does AmbientSensor cost?

  • The AmbientSensor service which collects information and provides analysis, reports and notifications costs €29 / $29 per physical location per month
  • AmbientSensors units cost €49 / $59 ea and require a gateway (€99 / $119) - note this is a one time fee for hardware. To get started you’ll need at least 1 gateway (per physical location) and 1 sensor. Note: 1 gateway can support multiple sensors within a 40 meter / 130 feet radius
  • The number of devices you need depends on the size and number of facilites you want to track

AmbientSensors are a simple addition to any Cropster account. Simply contact us using the form below and we’ll get you started. We’ll help you determine how many you need, where to place them, and make sure they are running, etc. All you need is an internet connection.

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