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This is a unique coffee book which covers the whole coffee supply chain, bringing together a large number of eminent authors from across the global coffee industry. This book will appeal to anyone with an interest in understanding the vast range of factors that affect coffee quality, from breeding and plant genetics through to production, processing and grower buyer relations, and business models, right through to preparation of the cup.

Tony Marsh
Coffee Supply Chain Consultant

The new book Specialty Coffee: Managing Quality is an exciting and useful resource for anyone – be they from a coffee company, development organization, or a producer organization – that is working to improve the quality of coffee and the benefits and stability of trade in high quality coffee.

Don Seville
Coordinator, Sustainable Food Laboratory

A few critical notes notwithstanding, this book is highly recommended to all stakeholders in the coffee industry as an authoritative and comprehensive source of information on several aspects of the product life cycle of coffee, the specialty arabica coffees from Meso America for the USA market in particular.

Dr. Herbert A. M. van der Vossen
Eminent Coffee Scientist
About the book

Specialty Coffee Managing Quality is a practical resource that features rigorous academic research designed to be accessible for every coffee professional. It includes detailed information on everything from the latest farming techniques and technologies at origin, through the impact of climate change on flavor (and what can be done about it) plus a lot more. Among the ways this information can be put into practice by coffee professionals is a completely a new chapter by an established coffee roaster / importer offering guidance to anyone in the industry interested in engaging directly with producers of coffee.


First published in 2012 Specialty Coffee Managing Quality quickly became a go to resource for people focussed on all aspects of quality across the coffee supply chain. In 2019 the book was updated to include the latest research, new contributors, new and updated data and revised conclusions.


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Inside you’ll learn about


  • The evolving demand for coffee over the past few centuries and the rise of quality and distinctive specialty coffees.
  • The issues of low producer prices and the role of specialty coffees in raising them.
  • How modern information technology can be used to determine the impact of climatic conditions at origin may influence coffee quality and insights how climate change will impact this.
  • How farmers and their partners can enhance their management practices to improve yield, quality and overall performance. Plus, how the end consumer can be leveraged in the improvement process.
  • The most significant advances made in breeding over the last 7 years in the context of climate change.
  • The current status of knowledge on the physiology and development of coffee with an emphasis on quality.
  • The effects of climate change on productivity and quality
  • The latest management practices designed to meet changing climatic conditions and to minimize environmental degradation.
  • An integrated approach to both plant nutrition and disease and pest management based on research from the last 5 to 6 years, including nutrient performance monitoring.
  • The entry points for digital farming and post-harvest management.
  • Case studies for participants up and down the supply chain designed to improve communication and coffee knowledge and quality.
  • How to develop climate sensitive business and trading models.
  • How to reliably evaluate and measure coffee quality at different stages along the supply chain.
  • The potential that India has to expand the supply of high-quality coffee.


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