Pricing and FAQs


Can I connect my espresso machine to BrewBeacon?

BrewBeacon currently supports common volumetric models manufactured by: La Marzocco, Victoria Arduino, San Remo, Synesso, Slayer, Rancilio, Dalla Corte, and Astoria.



My model is not listed. When will you be able to support it?


The sooner you join our Open Beta process, the faster we will support your models. To get started, request your free trial.. We offer 3 months free for beta testers on testable machines.


Will I need a BrewBeacon to connect to my LaMarzocco machine?

Most new models of LaMarzocco support a direct integration through LM's Pro App, without BrewBeacon. Some older models of GB5s, Linea Classics and all Stradas will work best with a BrewBeacon instead. Just talk to us and we will identify the best way to an integrated Cropster Cafe experience.


4. Can I install BrewBeacon myself?

Through our comprehensive manuals BrewBeacon is pretty straightforward for self-installation. You’ll need to connect our standardized connectors to the flow meters and solenoid valves of your (turned off) machine. Our support team stands ready to walk you through, should you have questions.


5. Who can install BrewBeacon for me?

Please put us in touch with your local espresso machine reseller or technician of trust. We are happy to equip them with devices and instructions to get BrewBeacon set up for you as soon as possible. That said, BrewBeacon is pretty straightforward for self-installation as well.


6. How much is BrewBeacon?

BrewBeacon retails at USD 319/EUR 299 for a 2 group machine. Additional connector sets for more group heads are available at very low cost. We offer to depreciate hardware costs as part of your software license if you connect 5 machines or more to your Cropster Cafe account


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