Meet the Cropster Ambassadors

Looking for some coffee expertise?


As software developers we are lucky enough to work with 1000s of coffee professionals around the world. Together, we work towards a shared goal - a better and more consistent cup. Because our software helps businesses with so many aspects of their coffee business we often get asked 'how to' questions about the specialty coffee industry. Things like:

  • How should I organize my roastery?

  • What machine do you recommend?

  • How should I approach quality control?

  • What do you think about this particular roasting technique vs. that one?

  • Is this a good color/moisture/water activity meter?

  • Is this a good storage technique?

  • How do I do production planning?

  • Etc.


It’s a long list and the answers depend on lots of variables. That’s why we make Cropster so flexible. As software developers our goal is to help people find ways to reduce issues and amplify successes using technology where it makes sense. We know people need answers to these questions. That’s why we have started the Cropster Ambassador Program. Cropster Ambassadors are people we work closely with and whose input has helped us and many others improve their coffee businesses. They are recognized experts in the coffee business. They also understand the power solutions like ours can offer. Importantly, they also share their expertise with the industry and can answer questions we can’t. If you’re looking for help with your coffee business, with Cropster, roast machines, roasting techniques, green buying, management, etc. we recommend them.




Rob Hoos

Rob Hoos Coffee

roaster, consultant, trainer, author

Rob has a diverse range of experience within the specialty coffee industry, including training, roasting, green coffee purchasing and writing in a variety of publications including his own books. Rob holds the highest level certificates from the Roasters Guild of America and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). He also works as a subject matter expert, content developer, and instructor for the SCA with a focus on roasting and roastery related topics. Rob is a coffee author and has published many articles in industry publications, as well as blog posts and recently the very successful book - Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee - One Roaster's Manifesto. Rob travels extensively both in and outside the United States where he presents, offers training and consults on all aspects of coffee and roasting. Rob is a sought after speaker at numerous coffee events. He is also active on social media.
You can find him @robhoos on Twitter and Instagram.


Anne Cooper

Equilibrium Master Roasters

roaster, consultant, trainer, master roastress

Anne has been working in Specialty Coffee for almost 25 years, starting as a Barista then working through to Café Owner/Manager, National Trainer & Assessor, Head Roaster, Roasting Production Manager & now as a Roasting Consultant based in Melbourne, Australia. Most notably, she has worked as Head Roaster at Dallis Bros Coffee in New York City, as Head Roaster at Proud Mary Coffee & at Axil Coffee Roasters in Melbourne, Australia. Anne has also competed in, won & judged State & National Barista, Cup Tasting & Roasting competitions in Australia & USA. She has served on the (heritage SCAA) Roasters Guild Executive Council & Education Committee. Also a Q-Grader, Anne’s overall coffee roasting career has resulted in gaining extensive experience with a wide range of roasting systems/machines (from large scale commodity roasters to small scale specialty roasters), multiple roasting techniques & expertise in production roasting processes & protocols. She now shares her passion & extensive coffee roasting knowledge globally via workshops at SCA events & her consulting company Equilibrium Master Roasters. Anne can be found online on Facebook & as @roastresscoops on Instagram.



Måns Akne

Precision Roasting

roaster, consultant, trainer, trader 

Måns is a coffee trader, consultant and passionate coffee roaster both professionally and as a hobby. Måns works for the Candian B-corp Ecotierra in sustainable development and trade.  Alongside Ecotierra, Måns runs Precision Roasting, a business which provides consulting support in production & product development for both large and small roasteries. Precision Roasting is also a Diedrich partner selling machines across Europe. Måns' experience includes roasting as head roaster at Tim Wendelboe, and roast consulting within a variety of businesses. Måns teaches a technical roasting style but he always keeps the focus on flavour in the end cup. His words - that's all that matters. Måns is based in Belgium and travels frequently offering coffee consulting services as well as coffee business consulting across Europe and the Middle East. Måns is a frequent presenter at specialty events including SCA shows and guild events and enjoys roasting competition coffees as well any opportunity to geek out with machines. Måns is active on social media. You can find him @mansakne on Instagram.



Sang Ho Park

Center Coffee, Spark Coffee Consulting

roaster, consultant, trainer, CEO of Center Coffee

Sang Ho started his coffee career in the United Kingdom. Starting as a barista and managing some of the finest coffee establishments in London, his curiosity for roasting grew as he joined Square Mile Coffee Roasters. His passion for learning and coffee led him to studying Sensory Science part time at Nottingham University. Sang Ho was also UK Brewers Cup Champion in 2013 and UK Coffee in Good Spirits Champion in 2015. He was also a finalist at both World competitions in those years. During his time at Square Mile Coffee Roasters, Sang Ho became the Head Roaster and Head of Quality Control and managed daily roasting operations and quality control for all coffees. In late 2015, Sang Ho left London to pursue his own Coffee consulting business, Spark Coffee Consulting which he established in South Korea. Since its founding, he has travelled all over the world working with cafés and roasters to improve quality of their beverages and roasting techniques. In 2017, Sang Ho opened his own café/roastery Center Coffee in Seoul, Korea which now has 3 locations across Seoul and a growing reputation for excellence. Sang Ho can be found online as @koreanbarista on Instagram and Twitter.