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Free online shops for roasteries, coffee shops and more - A COVID update

We've got your back! When we started to see COVID-19 was going to impact our customers we started asking - what can we do to help them? We see the restrictions on roasteries, coffee shops and their customers increasing daily. We also see many businesses quickly moving their focus to their online shops and services. As techies we know that can bring its own challenges. So we pulled together our team and created a few initiatives (see below).


Stay healthy!
Andreas, Martin, Norbert

Here's how we want to help

  • If your business needs an online shop we've built -a quick and simple way to get your coffees online now so you can add this important sales channel for free during the Pandemic.
  • If your business is trying to build production schedules that take social distancing and increased shift work into consideration - we will release focused training on our scheduling and production planning tools so you can deliver those plans quickly and easily.
  • If you are wondering how Cropster can help you work from home - we'll be pulling together some quick tips and tricks so your time in the roastery is kept to a minimum.

Our first initiative is the focus here. We'll add links above to more information about the others as they go live. And there will be more to come!


What is

It's an online shop any one can set up quickly to get their coffees online NOW. It can easily be added to a website, social media page, sent to customers via email or added to social media posts. We named it to help your customers focus on your business. Each shop stands on its own as So your customers understand you are online and ready to deliver.

What does include?

Everything you need to sell online. We started with the basics to keep it simple, fast and to be able to deliver it to you in record time. Here's the list

  • Your shop description and overview where you can list all your coffees with pictures and prices, etc.
  • A product detail page to outline the most common information about your coffees like: Name, origin, farm, weight, etc.
  • A shopping cart for people to pull together an order
  • A checkout that takes credit card details, confirms them and sends you the orders
  • An order overview page, so you can review orders if needed
  • Custom legal pages (we know terms vary depending on where you are so you can change these as needed). They include: a terms of Service, a GDPR notice & a base legal notice for accessing your online shop

To help with your brand you get

  • A URL that ties to your business
  • A customizable logo to keep focus on your brand
  • A shop name that matches your business
  • Space for all your coffees with pictures, add as many as you want.

How do you get started? is already available for Cropster customers. Simply click on the button below and fill in some basic information. We'll be in touch with your shop shortly after that. Once you have your shop can be up in a couple of hours depending on your level of customization and number of coffees. We're also gearing up so anyone to setup their own shop. Simply go to the sign up and share your details and we'll be in touch. 

Do you have questions?

We have some answers or you can contact us below.

  1. Does shipsbeans come in other languages? It will. will launch in English. Like Cropster it will be made available in multiple languages based on demand. Once it's available in other languages we'll let you know.
  2. I'm not a Cropster customer yet. Can I get a shop? We launched shipsbeans for Cropster customers to the start due to some technical and legal challenges. If you are interested in but not a customer, please fill out the form. We're gearing up for you now and shops will be setup on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Can I use shipsbeans to sell more than coffee? Yes. You can add any products from your inventory to If you are selling filters, brewing equipment, grinders, cold brew or even gift cards or magazines, you can add them to your shop.
  4. Free? Really? Yes, really! During the pandemic (as defined by WHO) our goal is to help you reach your customers via this important sales channel immediately. What happens after the pandemic is declared over? We will evaluate the situation. Shipsbeans is a temporary solution for a temporary problem. The longer term scope of shipsbeans and its future development will be continuously reviewed during the Pandemic and we will keep you posted. We've got your back means, we will help you get your coffees online NOW. You will not get a surprise bill or surprise closure of the site.
  5. How did you build this so quickly? We released Cropster Hub which is an online shop for green coffee businesses over three years ago. So we know a bit about it and we have a proven track record. With the release of our Order to roast tools we've learned a lot about online shops for roasted coffees as well. COVID's impact on our customers made it clear this needed to be a priority and so we focused on it immediately. 

There is more to come, please watch this space. In the meantime, do you have a question about Please send us an email here.

Are you ready to get started with Just click the button below!

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