Finding green coffee gets even easier for buyers. Presenting green coffee made easy for sellers

As a rapidly growing platform for green coffee buyers and sellers Cropster Hub makes hundreds of green coffees available to thousands of buyers daily.

The sellers on Hub come from across the world and represent players at every level from single farmers through large importers. The benefits of this diversity are obvious, a huge selection of green coffees available to buyers worldwide. The ability to discover new green coffees, new partners and to participate in unique events like the upcoming ‘Best of Honduras Auction’.


All this diversity brings some challenges and they are also interesting. Here are some examples, how do I find the coffees that are interesting to me when they are available? How do I know who I am partnering with? How do I load up all my coffees and keep them up to date? Luckily Hub’s latest release answers all these questions and more!


Finding new green coffees has never been easier

A few weeks ago we announced notifications. This innovation means that buyers can now search Hub for coffees they are interested in and save that search. Once they have saved it, buyers can have the results emailed to them automatically on a regular basis. The result? A personalized email outlining any new coffees they may be interested in delivered right to them - when the coffees arrive on Hub! As a green buyer getting an email like this is an enormous time saver.

Want to know when new coffees are added to Hub that you may be interested in? Set up a search and Hub will tell you!

Buyers now know they are always on top of the new inventory on Hub. For sellers notifications mean they know their latest coffees are being immediately presented to interested buyers. This represents a real win-win across the green coffee supply chain. For more information you can read this post or sign in to Hub and try saving a search yourself. It takes seconds to set up!

Getting green coffee inventories in front of buyers

Green coffee selling requires constant updating of inventory information, pricing information, location, etc. Today’s buyers want to know more and more about the green coffee they are buying, its origin, processing, packaging, story and increasingly information that can include specific details about the farm and even the farmers. Getting this information all together is challenging enough. Sellers then have to keep the information up to date and ensure it is reaching buyers. Hub has specific tools to help sellers do just that. Hub’s shops allow sellers to pull together all this information and present it beautifully to buyers so they can get all the details they are looking for. Shareable offer sheets mean sellers can update this information in one place and every buyer sees the latest information across the internet. This works well for sellers focussed on a few specific coffees. But what about green coffee sellers with large inventories?

Shareable offer sheets put your inventory in front of buyers both on and off Cropster Hub. One source for your latest pricing, inventory and coffee details means less time tracking data and more time with partners and buyers!

Keeping large inventories of green coffees up to date requires organization. Most businesses with diverse ranges of green coffees already have systems in place to do this. These systems range from full accounting and ERP systems, through custom in house software and even detailed spreadsheets. Hub supports these businesses with a bulk uploader that helps sellers load entire inventories on to Hub. Once on Hub they can be maintained in one place and shared.

Build a custom link between your business and your shop!

Hub’s latest release features a new and even smarter bulk uploader. One which allows sellers to upload coffees from their existing systems and create a template. What does that mean? It means that once you upload your coffees to Hub from your existing business processes, you can re-upload them anytime and the changes will be instantly shown to buyers! Basically, sellers can now add Hub to their existing business practices for controlling inventory and PRESTO! their inventory on Hub will be updated! This type of functionality used to be reserved for large businesses with complex systems. With Hub, if you track your inventory in a spreadsheet - you can now automatically update your shop! You can even use your spreadsheet offer sheet to do this if you want.

Creating a link between your existing coffee information and Hub is easy and with this release repeatable. Once you’ve saved your first upload template you can do it again and again with a few simple clicks.

If you have ever moved contacts from one phone to another or imported a contact into your address book on a computer, you’re all set to use the bulk importer. With easy step by step instructions, the ability to save your work and link your coffees across systems and spreadsheets using a unique identifier means future updates to your coffees will be a breeze.

Know your seller, know your buyer

After its enormous inventory of green coffees Hub’s greatest asset is the rich group of buyers and sellers who visit Hub regularly. It’s a great place to find new partners and build new business relationships. Like most online locations Hub requires sellers provide some information up front so buyers know who they are dealing with, can do their own research and establish relationships that are mutually beneficial to both parties.


Shops on Hub provide buyers with all sorts of information about sellers upfront.

As the volume of transaction on Hub has grown we have heard that buying and selling relationships often start with a few messages needed by sellers to establish who the buyer is. This information is almost always the same and yet it takes time. To speed up the sample and buying process for both parties Hub now introduces more complete buyer profiles. Buyers can still browse Hub, look for coffees and even search and set up notifications like before. But, when they are ready to order a sample or more, they now need to provide the key information sellers will need to begin the transaction like company name, address, phone number, etc.. It’s a small but important update designed to help streamline the buying process for everyone. The good news is buyers only need to provide this information once thanks to this release and it will only be shared with sellers they are interested in buying from.

Transactions are now even faster thanks to buyer profiles. This information is only needed when buyers are ready to place an order and only visible to sellers they contact directly.

As always with Hub there’s lot more under the surface if you’re interested. There is a regular newsletter where you can get more information. Just sign up at the bottom of this page. Or better yet, head over to Hub and take a look around! You’ll be glad you did.


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