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What is Cropster Hub?

Cropster Hub is the easiest way to present and find green coffee.

How is Cropster Hub different for coffee buyers?

Cropster Hub is a single platform with coffees regularly updated from various sources. Browse coffees for specific flavor profiles, tasting notes, score ranges, varietals, origins and certifications. Hub facilitates easy sample requesting and improved coffee purchasing.

  • Browse coffees by origin, cultivar, processing, warehouses and flavors
  • Request samples/Get in direct touch with seller
  • Search coffee when you have the time and on multiple devices
  • Get all relevant coffee information delivered within a click

How is Cropster Hub different for coffee sellers?

Cropster Hub streamlines marketing and presention. Tell your coffees complete story easily while creating and maintaining fully searchable and real-time offer lists. Spreadsheets, pdfs & emails will no longer clog up your inbox and slow down your sales. Buyers can now access all your up-to-date offerings at any time on your site directly or via Hub.

  • Leverage an extensive network of coffee buyers
  • Promote your coffees in online searchable form
  • Customize your own shop Get coffees to your customers quicker
  • Leverage existing business processes

Discover Coffee

Search for unique coffees

Search for a particular seller or use simple filters to sort through coffees to find exactly the coffee flavors or attributes you are looking for. You can also filter by location and warehouse to make things like order consolidation easier.

Key information - even in the simple view

Each coffee lot has comprehensive information detailing the quality, processing, origin, and availability. Add a sample or the lot to your cart or click on it to review more information.

Get Details

Detailed insights

Access detailed descriptions, maps, images and data tables to get a comprehensive view of coffees that showcases coffee lot information about harvest, quality, producer, and warehouse location, all in real-time. Also review information about the seller as well as the producers.

If you need additional information you can also contact the seller directly using Hub’s built in messaging.

Discover Coffees on Hub


Review offers

Sellers send a final offer including shipping costs upon order confirmation. Review any updates and the final cost online. You can still accept or decline the offer.

Order samples or lots with ease

Order with a simple click. Select a volume and put the coffee into your cart. Keep shopping or go to the checkout. During checkout, confirm your company and shipping details, terms, quantities and then send. It really is that simple.

Stay in touch

Have a question? Online messaging is available to clarify any questions.

Setup a Shop

Your shop, your coffees, your brand

Your shop organizes and showcases information about your company and offer list. It combines company information, policies, logos, and a list of your coffees.

Sellers are free to present themselves according to their established brand and to choose what to highlight to make their business and coffee standout.

Offer sheets are shareable across the web

Once you’ve entered your coffees on Hub you can add the comprehensive offer sheet to any website using the Hub widget. Offer sheets can be configured to show more or less information. The offer sheet widget means one place to update your coffee across the entire web!



Setup a Shop (2)

Help buyers sell

Green coffee buyers want information and stories to help educate their customers. Hub helps you help them. Each shop highlights things like:

  • your business philosophy or ideology 
  • where your business is located and why
  • your businesses history
  • the scope and scale of the lots you focus on
  • any partnerships with NGOs or local institutions
  • links to your newsletter, social media, and website
  • and more

 Plus sellers are able to add all their own shipping, samples, and warehousing terms.

Shops also support specific currencies to better serve local markets

Setup a Shop (3)

Simple Overview

Sellers manage their Hub presence through a simple, single dashboard that presents everything they need in one place. Hub is designed so sellers can focus on business instead of administration.

Start selling coffee

Setup a Shop (4)

Have a large offer sheet and not sure where to start?

Cropster Hub offers a concierge service to help businesses with larger offer sheets get onto Hub quickly and efficiently. Offer sheets can be imported into Hub and API’s (software connectors) are available for enterprises with software systems already in place.

Contact us

List Coffees

Coffee listing made simple!

You can enter single coffees quickly and easily. Hubs highlights each lot with detailed information regarding the flavor, producer, and availability. This allows you to present information like:

  • coffee availability information including warehouse, amount available, and suggested sales prices
    (Note: Cropster Hub has an extensive list of 3rd party warehouses all over the world. Adding warehouses where you currently store coffees is simple and intuitive.)
  • quality information, like flavor descriptors and score.
  • producer information by lot.

Adding lots to a shop is quick. You can publish as coffees are added or at a later date depending on your existing processes.

List Coffees (2)

Need to add or manage a lot of coffees?

Multi coffee registrations are handled just like a spreadsheet. With all the features of single entry in a format everyone is familiar with. Just start adding coffees whenever you are ready. You can also select and edit multiple coffees at the same time!

Start listing your coffees

List Coffees (3)

Your coffees presented beautifully

Listed coffees are presented with complete information. Key information about amount available, minimum order size, status and location are highlighted.

Origin information, cupping information, producer biographies, etc are all available. Buyers asking for more details? pictures? flavour descriptors? Update Hub once and every buyer has access. 

Handle Orders

Managing and handling sample/order requests

Sellers have access to real-time information when and where they need it. For example:

  • Key notifications are sent for time critical processes like sample or order requests.
  • The order dashboard allows sorting by things like company or coffee.
  • Order details are available with a single click.
  • You can confirm or decline a request based on your own policies. Sellers can also apply additional costs (shipping) or discounts.
  • Once a sale is confirmed, you can ship, send the buyer an invoice and coordinate transport.



Hub supports online auctions giving sellers easy access to a worldwide market using a robust and reliable online platform designed to provide a simple, fair, traceable and authenticated auction experience.

The Hub auction platform supports state of the art features like auto-bidding, anonymous bidding, bidder verification, sample deadlining & filtered viewing.

Due to the nature of auction selling, Hub sellers are required to arrange a contract prior to their first auction. Hub requires that all sellers, including institution hosting auctions, meet the verification standards.


Flexible pricing

Cropster Hub's unique pricing is flexible and based on the coffees listed, not on the volume of coffee sold. This means you pay per coffee listing/per month. It also includes a decreasing cost per coffee as more coffees are listed. The pricing starts at EUR/USD 9 per listed coffee and prices are calculated/invoiced on an annualized basis. Due to the verification, setup and support process required to get your shop listed there is a one time €200/$220 (USD) fee for setup. Note: your default currency and legal partner will be Cropster Inc. or Cropster GmbH depending on your location.

If you have any questions, please contact our sales team to confirm pricing options based on your expected number of coffee. You may cancel your Hub account any time. Your legal partner is Cropster Inc. or Cropster GmbH depending on your location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Please take a look at the FAQ below for quick answers. If you don't happen to see what you're looking for, please contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • All
  • Setup & Service
  • Features & Functionalities
  • Data, Security & Integration
  • Miscellaneous

Setup & Service

Who supports me during setup?

Hub is a self service setup. If you need help you can contact Cropster at any point. A Hub staff member will be made available to help with any questions during your setup.

I want to setup a shop on Hub. When does the 30 day trial start?

Your 30 day trial starts when your shop on Hub goes live. Before you go live, Hub is free.

What computer requirements do I need to run Hub?

Hub is a browser based service that runs on any modern browser in a Windows, Mac or Linux environment. 

Data, Security & Integration

Does Hub integrate with other ERP systems for e.g. warehousing?

Yes. Hub has an API that provides information around green lots and roast batches including roast parameters and other key information. 

Can I export data from Hub?

Hub provides many reports that let you export data.

How secure are my inputs?

Whenever your data is in transit between you and us, everything is encrypted, and sent using HTTPS. The same standard that banks use.

Who owns the data?

The data is yours. Anytime. This is secured by our privacy policy.

How is my data protected?

All data is written to multiple disks instantly, backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations. The data is stored on our own servers to which only authorized personnel has access.

Do I get my data back if I want to quit using Hub?

Yes. You can export most data directly from your Hub account via our API.

Features & Functionalities

Does Hub handle multiple users?

Yes. Hub can handle multiple users. Invite them via email and they get a login to your account. As admin you can give them different permissions to view and edit information. 

How easy is data input? What data do I need to input manually?

We try to make data input as easy as possible. For smaller operations coffees can be added manually via a simple web interface. There are bulk features for larger sellers to import inventories.

I sometimes have bad internet. Can I still use Hub?

Yes. Hub is designed as a low impact web application. It can run over slow connections and even mobile phones. It is selling even when you don’t have internet access. However, if you are adding coffees or setting up a shop you will probably want a stable connection.

Note: Hub auctions are live auctions and require a stable internet connection.

Can I setup multiple shops?


Does Hub handle multiple currencies?


Can I re-use the information I create on Hub?

Yes. Hub has an API (software connector) that can connect to your existing business systems. The hub offer sheet widget allows you to share your offer sheet across web sites.

Can I access hub by mobile phone or tablet?

Yes. Hub is responsive by design. It will optimize its presentation for the device you use.

Does Hub handle multiple locations like warehouses?



Why has Cropster creating Cropster Hub?

Cropster provides tools for many facets of the specialty coffee industry, including tools for farm management, inventory management, quality control, coffee traceability, and coffee roast profiling. Cropster has a growing worldwide base of producers, roasters and coffee traders. Providing a platform to help these organisations link together more simply and efficiently is the next logical step.

Will Cropster Hub integrate with a current Cropster account?

Yes. If you have a Cropster account, you can login with your Cropster ID.

Do I have to setup a Hub account?

No. You can browse shops and coffees without an account. If you want to request a sample, or a lot or setup a shop you need to register.

Will Cropster sell coffee?

No, Cropster is a software company. Hub is a software based coffee trading platform for buyers and sellers to sell coffees.

Do I need a Cropster Roast account to participate in Cropster Hub?

Anyone can view a sellers' coffee public offerings on Cropster Hub. You will need to create a free account to request a sample.