We're on our way to Rimini, Italy!

We're on our way to Rimini, Italy!

20. jan. 2019 - 22. jan. 2019 | Rimini - Italy

World Coffee Roasting Championships, here we come! Also, we'll be on the show floor at Sigep 2019 and supporting the Italian Roasting Championships as well.

From January 19th to 23rd, we're going to be at Sigep 2019 in Rimini, Italy. Not only will we be supporting the two Roasting Championships but also giving presentations on the show floor (schedule below). Finally, in case you'd like to meet us, please get in touch and we'll arrange a time.

Here is a schedule of our presentations:

DM Italia (Booth D1/146)

  • Sunday, Jan 20th at 3 PM
  • Monday, Jan 21st at 3 PM 

IMF (Booth D1/177)

  • Monday, Jan 21st at 12 PM
  • Tuesday, Jan 22nd at 2 PM 

Please sign up for the presentations here!

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