Hands free brew logging with Cropster Cafe

Track brews hands-free from La Marzocco’s IoT ready equipment and understand brew quality by actual data. A seamless brew log and up-to-date recipes means best practice across the multiple locations you have to manage. Bundled with cafe task management, the immediate cafe quality and production insights give you peace of mind by reduced human error and variable costs.


Your customers won’t notice that you are using Cropster Cafe. But they will taste the difference.


Unleash the IoT in your La Marzocco machine

Do you use any of La Marzocco’s Linea PB, KB90 or GB5 in your business? Connect them to Cropster Cafe to automatically track every brew by recipe, machine, and location.


The result? A seamless brew history, as well as consistency reports that reveal quality facts across coffees, beverage styles, equipment, staff, and cafe locations. Nothing changes for your baristas, only they learn better ways to live up to your customers’ expectations.

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Immediate insights for better coffee

Cropster Cafe’s automatic brew tracking turns anecdotes about your coffee quality consistency into facts. Are your shots going quicker throughout the day? Do you produce brew time, water, or yield outliers on busy days? Are your brews consistent across shifts, locations and as roasted coffee changes? You’ll know it first. And your customers will appreciate it.

On top of that, Cropster Cafe’s production reports tell you how locations are performing by how many brews and how much coffee you put through the machine (vs how much you sell = waste indicator!). Plus, you can identify your machine work horses and schedule maintenance on time.

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Empower your team: Recipes and task management

Create brew recipes and share them with your team across locations - an easy way for your baristas to dial-in the coffee and refine the recipe on the go. 
The automatically tracked brews are assigned to the correct recipe. Sharing tasks with bar staff ensures that important chores like cleaning, maintenance and restocking are taken care of. All of this will empower your team and help them apply best practice and be organized to deliver the best possible customer experience.
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Do you own a GB5 S/X or you just ordered a 2022 generation KB90 or Linea PB? These Cropster Cafe Native machines are ready to go!

Is your Linea PB or KB90 from an earlier generation? Fear not. La Marzocco offers a gateway to get you connected in no time. Either way, simply request a free trial via our website or through the LM Pro App and you'll start tracking brews before you know it!

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La Marzocco’s IoT line of machinery is not surprisingly used by many specialty cafe businesses out there. Yet, we appreciate you might also be using other models in your business. Connectivity to all renowned espresso machine models - new and old - is a moving target. Let us know which machine models you’d like to get connected - it will help us prioritize upcoming integrations. 




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