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Green Grading: SCA Standards and Practical Applications

Green grading is an essential step in analyzing green coffee for purchasing and quality assurance.

Marcus Young and Candice Madison demonstrate industry standard best practices, their pragmatic approaches to green grading as roasters, and how Cropster simplifies Green Grading.

04:41 During Candace's time as a green buyer, Candace discusses how many samples she would receive and manage.

15:30 The physical analysis is the focal point to the beginnings of any coffee evaluation as a green buyer and a roaster.

24:56 The most important tools and pieces of data to use and collect during any green coffee physical analysis.

35:00 The SCA Green Grading book and its application to different green coffee evaluations.

41:33 The SCA Green Grading Form and how Cropster records green coffee physical analysis.

47:24 How to evaluate different green coffee defects and how to locate them.


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