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Episode 50 - Nick Castellano on New Projects and Moving Forward

Nick Castellano is the Creative Projects Manager at Ally Coffee and is based in Medellín, Colombia. Nick was previously the co-host of the Coffee & Technology podcast and now co-hosts a Spanish podcasts called Cafe Se Escribe En Español. Throughout his 5 years in coffee, he’s managed his own projects, worked as part of the marketing team Cropster, and has visited various origins speaking various topics related to technology and data collection. Aside from coffee, Nick enjoys boxing, golfing, and cycling when he’s not behind his desk or traveling.


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2023 World Coffee Roasting Championship

Twenty national champions battled for three days in Taipei, Taiwan to decide who takes the prestigious title of World Coffee Roasting Champion of 2023. We are excited to share the winning roast curves…

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Ensuring Quality at Wholesale Accounts

Operating a wholesale coffee roasting business is more involved than one might think. Even putting aside the complexity of sourcing, roasting, and quality control; there’s a lot more to wholesale than…

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A Roaster's Guide to Preventative Machine Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a non-negotiable for coffee roasters, but for many, it is pure overwhelm. To lend you some practical help in this, we teamed up with Liz Bishop, roast technician…


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