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Episode 50 - Nick Castellano on New Projects and Moving Forward

Nick Castellano is the Creative Projects Manager at Ally Coffee and is based in Medellín, Colombia. Nick was previously the co-host of the Coffee & Technology podcast and now co-hosts a Spanish podcasts called Cafe Se Escribe En Español. Throughout his 5 years in coffee, he’s managed his own projects, worked as part of the marketing team Cropster, and has visited various origins speaking various topics related to technology and data collection. Aside from coffee, Nick enjoys boxing, golfing, and cycling when he’s not behind his desk or traveling.

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Garantir a qualidade de contas grossistas

Gerir um negócio grossista de torrefação de café é mais complexo do que se poderia imaginar. Mesmo ignorando a complexidade da aquisição, torra e controlo de qualidade, existe muito mais no mercado…

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Defining Recipe Ranges

Recipe management is an essential part of any successful coffee business. In a cafe, recipes might be managed by multiple people across multiple locations (e.g. owners and managers, barista trainers,…

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Avaliação de lotes, tipos de amostras e grupos de amostras

Os torradores, em conjunto com os laboratórios de café, importadores, exportadores e produtores, têm momentos em que avaliam múltiplas amostras do mesmo lote de café. O Cropster Sample Groups…

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