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Commerce Case Study: Enhancing Coffee Roasting Operations with PLOT Roasting

Managing inventory and forecasting demand are perpetual challenges for coffee roasting companies. Matthew Orchard, the Founder, Coffee Buyer, and E-Commerce Manager at PLOT Roasting, knows this all too well....

Managing inventory and forecasting demand are perpetual challenges for coffee roasting companies. Matthew Orchard, the Founder, Coffee Buyer, and E-Commerce Manager at PLOT Roasting, knows this all too well. With the dual responsibility of overseeing green coffee forecasting and managing roasted inventory across two websites, Matthew sought a solution that could streamline these processes and provide invaluable insights into their operations.

Enter Cropster's Commerce solution.

Matthew attests that Commerce has revolutionized the way PLOT Roasting handles its inventory and production processes. He emphasizes that one of the most significant challenges in his role has been maintaining visibility and control over their roasted inventory. With Commerce, this challenge has been effectively addressed with the new roasted inventory management system. Matthew highlights the solution's capability to provide real-time visibility into their roasted and packaged inventory, enabling him and his team to make informed decisions swiftly.

"Being entirely focused on coffee production and fully integrated with roast logging, this product is a really good alternative to other order/inventory management systems and allows for much more stringent traceability."

One standout feature that Matthew appreciates is Commerce's ability to track and model the physical stages of production. This functionality not only simplifies the workflow for team members, but also enhances traceability—a crucial aspect in the coffee industry. By seamlessly integrating roast logging with order and inventory management, Commerce offers a comprehensive solution tailored specifically for coffee production—an advantage Matthew finds unparalleled compared to other systems.

Matthew shared a specific example of how Commerce has made a tangible difference in their operations. Being able to remotely monitor and manage inventory levels across their websites has been invaluable, particularly in today's increasingly digital landscape. With Commerce, Matthew and his team can effortlessly track inventory levels, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.
In addition to the robust functionality of the Commerce solution, Matthew commends Cropster's commitment to exceptional service. He highlights the product team's responsiveness and the continuous improvements through updates—an aspect synonymous with Cropster's ethos of supporting their customers’ evolving needs.

Cropster's Commerce solution has emerged as a game-changer for PLOT Roasting, offering exceptional visibility, control, and efficiency in their coffee roasting operations. With its intuitive features and dedicated support, Commerce has not only addressed the challenges Matthew faced but has also empowered PLOT Roasting to thrive in a competitive market landscape.

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