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Cropster Roast

Do you work in a roastery? In a roasting business?

Available with Cropster Cup.

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Cropster Lab

Do you work in a coffee or cocoa lab or trade coffee/cocoa?

Available with Cropster Cup.

Coffee or Cocoa

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Cropster Origin

Do you produce and offer high quality coffee? 

Available with Cropster Cup.

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Cropster Hub

Source coffees worldwide from a single place.

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Hub Blog Release

Latest release - Online offer sheets & special offers - simple, functional and customizable

Paul B,

We've been working hard with buyers and sellers across the world to deliver the best green coffee selling platform available. In our latest Hub release we have been focusing on making offer sheets even better and highlighting special offers. These two features improve seller’s ability to get the word out about coffees and help buyers find them, whether they are across town or across the world.

Roast Blog Events

WCRC Results! All the details from the World Coffee Roasting Championship 2017

Paul B,

Welcome to the World Coffee Roasting Championship 2017 contestants' roast profiles blog! You’ll find all the profiles gathered from their competition roasts using Cropster below.

Roast Cup Coffee Lab Blog Release

Clear and simple - the new Cropster dashboard

Paul B,

Every day thousands of roasters fire up their roast machines, turn on their screens and start Cropster. The first thing they see is what we call ‘the Dashboard’. It is the the entry point into Cropster and that’s an important role. The dashboard has grown to include various pieces of information and links to critical information to make roasters lives easier. But as it has grown it has become increasingly specialised based on the requests of people who use Cropster everyday. The new dashboard has been designed from the ground up to help experienced users get the information they need more quickly and beginners the tools they need to get started and simple tips and processes to guide the way. The new dashboard also features easy customization for each user so people can design it to their specific role or business need.

Release Blog Cocoa Lab

Cocoa comes of age - Physical Analysis & Sample handling gets even more chocolatey!

Paul B,

Cropster is used by roasters across the world and the number who are roasting chocolate has been growing for some time. With this release, cocoa stands on its own, side by side with coffee.

Events Cup Roast

Happy International Coffee Day!

Edina N,

October 1st is International Coffee Day!

Cropster Roast explained by Norbert

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