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Cropster Roast

Do you work in a roastery? In a roasting business?

Available with Cropster Cup.

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Cropster Lab

Do you work in a coffee or cocoa lab or trade coffee/cocoa?

Available with Cropster Cup.

Coffee or Cocoa

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Cropster Origin

Do you produce and offer high quality coffee? 

Available with Cropster Cup.

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Cropster Hub

Source coffees worldwide from a single place.

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Blog Roast

Roast scheduling comes of age

Paul B.,

If you’re involved in running a roastery, handling coffee production or managing the people on the roasting floor, we have exciting news.

Blog Hub

Cropster Hub turns 17!

Paul B.,

Cropster Hub is now officially on release 17. It’s been an amazing journey so far and there is lots more to come. This latest release has two components, a set of features for buyers and a set for sellers.

Blog Hub

A radically improved way to add and update coffees on Hub, C-market pricing and request pricing

Paul B.,

Hub continues to improve lead the way in innovation based on your feedback. Saving time is a constant focus and the latest release of Hub is packed with features designed to save you time on and off Hub everyday.


Connecting your roast machine to Cropster quickly and easily

Taylor Wallace,

So you’d like to take your roasting to the next level? Here we will discuss the different ways you can hook up your machine to Cropster.

Cup & Lab updates mean easier input and better reporting

Paul B,

Flexibility is a key strength of Lab & Cup. If you have multiple guest evaluators, no problem. You can add them easily. If you have your own terminology for cupping, simply add your own descriptor. These benefits are obvious, but flexibility has a cost. For example, allowing any descriptor like 'oreo' in Cropster means it also has to allow 'apracot'. If you have a bad speller on the team or a fidgety keyboard on someone’s phone this could get frustrating. But no longer!


Cropster Roast explained by Norbert

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