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Great tools are simple to use, flexible, have best practices built in and reveal more features as your business grows. By partnering with businesses of all sizes up and down the supply chain Cropster makes sure you have the tools you need, when you need them.

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Joel Wilson-Rogers
Five Elephant Coffee


Zoom webinar
Atilla x Cropster Automação
29. January 2022
Com nosso mais recente recurso de automação com as máquinas Atilla, temos o prazer de convidá-los…
Zoom webinar
Green Grading: SCA Standards and Practical Applications
27. January 2022
Green grading is an essential step in analyzing green coffee for purchasing and quality assurance.…
Zoom webinar
SKU Webinar
15. December 2021
Keeping track of a multi-product inventory with a variety of product options, such as grind and…
Zoom webinar
Managing Uncertainty with Cropster
30. November 2021
2021 has brought coffee roasters unprecedented challenges. From real-time green inventory to…


For over 10 years we have been working alongside some of the world's most successful specialty coffee professionals, learning, experimenting and sharing. Everything we build is designed to make their day to day lives easier and to help them in their quest for an even better cup

Andreas, Martin & Norbert
Cropster Founders

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