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With Cropster Cafe you can improve and share brewing standards, track coffee quality, plus manage cafe-related tasks across locations, staff and equipment. It’s mobile ready, accessible from anywhere and includes full support from Cropster.

Multi-Location Quality Control
  • Arrange data into your own customizable KPI's
  • Accurate reporting on performance across multiple locations 
  • Easily identify locations requiring support
  • Observe throughput to maintain a consistent supply network

Cafe Radar allows you to manage quality across multiple locations, oversee how all locations in your network are performing, and offer high quality and consistent coffee at each location. Offer a consistent brand image and taste to your customers.

Extend your quality control to every cup
  • See when any inconsistencies occur
  • Mitigate espresso machine emergencies by observing grouphead usage
  • Observe how often flushes are activated between brews
  • Understand the workflow in your bars and optimize it further

With Focus View, hone in on the finer details of running a high-quality cafe business. View grouphead usage and extraction variables to determine if your assets are being used to their full potential. Gain a data-driven approach to staff training and see the real-time the success of your quality departments. 

Actionable insights for your cafe business
  • Tie brews to roasts, green coffee and origin information
  • View the consistency of your brews by recipe, equipment, and/or location
  • Review your cafe output, analyze traffic and overall performance

Cropster Cafe integrates brew data, recipes, sensorial results, and roasts, to evaluate your staff, locations and equipment's performance. Cafe's reports give you the information you need, when you need it.  

I like the ability to share recipes across all our cafes and to constantly improve them with the help of all our baristas across all shops.

Johannes Otto

Cropster Cafe integrates many of the individual tasks we have been working with in the past decade, into one robust and comprehensive platform.

Kris Schackman
Five Elephant Coffee

In the fast-changing landscape of the specialty coffee industry, working with a unified feedback platform to monitor, communicate and connect our teams, can have a substantial effect on the overall quality of our coffee and customer experience.

Kris Schackman
Five Elephant Coffee
Your crew’s best brews
  • Create and share recipes across staff, equipment, and locations
  • Reduce dial-in time, minimize waste
  • Track brews, analyze parameters and monitor brew consistency automatically
  • Connect to most volumetric espresso machines with Cropster BrewBeacon

Cropster Cafe makes brew management easy, with recipe creation for different coffees and equipments, integrated with brew parameter logging. See which coffees are being brewed across locations, and easily push recipe changes to your staff in real-time to ensure consistency everywhere, all the time.

Stay on top of cafe tasks
  • Set and follow up on tasks across locations
  • Monitor equipment cleaning and dial-in procedures
  • Staff can easily check off tasks on their phone
  • Optimize peak vs. idle times in your cafes

Successful cafes run on a set of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Staying on top of them behind the bar and in the office has never been simpler. Cropster helps you know what’s coming up, plan for what should be done next and critically check to see if anything has been missed.

We’ve got your back
  • Onboarding support to get your cafe up and running quickly
  • Online help desk with manuals for cafe staff and managers
  • Personal support and expert help

We get it. You are running a business, things need to 'just work'. Real support starts with a guarantee that you’ll get a timely answer from a partner who will stay with you until your challenge is resolved. That’s why we include personal support for everything we do. We’ll listen, follow up and track your needs until they’re met. That's one of many reasons 98% of Cropster Support users rate it - Awesome!

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