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Quality control from small farms to enterprise labs

With efficient sample management, green grading, sample roasting and cupping, Cropster Lab delivers a comprehensive tool for your sourcing decisions. A cupping app and intuitive interface help you streamline your whole lab and collect information in a single place. This data can also be integrated with an ERP system in larger businesses if needed.

Sample roasting
Streamline your lab and sample roasting
  • Connect to any sample roasting machine and record temperature data in real time
  • Compare and analyze sample roasting processes
  • Schedule non-blind, blind or double-blind cupping sessions and set them up with easy labelling
  • Identify standout samples with comprehensive reporting
  • Integrate with existing systems via a simple API

Cropster Lab makes sample roasting, cupping, comparing and analyzing simpler for you. Best practice workflows are built-in and customizable. Roasting Intelligence makes tracking sample roasts and finding the best profile easy. 

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We're huge fans of Cropster. From the roast tracking and the consistency that it allows us to bring to our roasting approach. Everything, it's really the glue behind our roasting operation

Tom Eisenbraun
Barista Parlor Roasting
Sample tracking
A simple way to manage and track samples
  • Register sample information quickly and accurately, no more spreadsheet hassles
  • Easily track samples from spot offer to arrival
  • Record green grading, cupping and acceptance data easily
  • Access data whenever and wherever you are via your mobile device

With Cropster Lab, registering and managing samples through the full contract is quick and accurate. It delivers an overview of your samples, suppliers, physical information, etc. Plus, importing, editing, and sharing large numbers of samples is easy.

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Make cupping easier - remote or on-site
  • Automatically integrate cupping results with samples
  • Trace quality back to original samples and track samples through the lab
  • Use multiple, customizable or industry standard cupping sheets
  • Makes remote cupping sessions easy - no matter where you are
  • Cup anywhere with your iPad, iPhone, Android device or laptop

Cup in real time using Cropster Cup in your lab and across your business. Task-specific and custom cupping sheets make it simple to use. Plus, you can invite people to join your cupping session in a few clicks, even when they are thousands of kilometers away. 

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Reporting and analysis
Comprehensive reporting and analysis for your QC
  • Report on every aspect of your QC, coffee, and processes from origin to cafe
  • Define your own criteria to identify samples that need attention
  • Quickly and accurately import and export all key coffee data
  • Integrate with data in your existing systems via a simple API

Collect critical data from your green coffees and access simple, informative dashboards. In addition, you can dig into the details and compare any sample to see if it performs as expected. Get access to customizable reports and analysis based on the criteria that is important to you and your business.

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Smart labels
Enter coffee data once with and re-use it with SLIC - Secure Linked Coffee
  • SLIC labels contain sample data that can be imported into any system with a smart device
  • Print informative, connected labels with any label machine
  • Control exactly what information is and is not shared
  • SLIC is free to share - your partners do not need Cropster to use it

SLIC is a simple way to make life in the lab and across your supply chain easier. SLIC helps you create information rich, custom branded, accurate, and traceable labels for your samples. The information they contain can be easily imported into Cropster or any other system in a standardized format. That's SLIC!

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Professional Support
We've got your back
  • Onboarding support to get you up and running quickly
  • Online help desk with manuals and support articles available 24/7
  • Submit a support request and get personal support and expert help
  • Webinars and training are also available to help you and your business grow
  • Complete management tools to support one person shops or large teams

We get it. You are running a business, things need to 'just work'. Real support starts with a guarantee that you'll get a timely answer from a partner who will stay with you until your challenge is resolved. That's why we include personal support for everything we do. We'll listen, follow up and track your needs until they're met.That's one of many reasons 98% of Cropster Support users rate it - Awesome!

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