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Coffee Lab Roast Blog Release

New sample handling, simpler, more integrated and available anywhere!

Paul B,

Keeping track of samples can be a challenge for organizations of all sizes. It’s remarkable how such a small amount of coffee is capable of generating so much information. Staying on top of that information can be a challenge. That’s one of many reasons we focus so much on sample handling at Cropster.

Release Blog Roast Coffee Lab

Cropster’s latest inventory release makes tracking, planning and projecting even easier!

Paul B,

Inventory is a critical task across every level of the coffee business. Knowing what is available, where it is, when it will be available, etc. is a critical day to day task. Understanding exactly what is happening with the stock is critical, especially in a business where that stock can be spread across roasteries, warehouses, shipping and contracts. Combining this information to project what will be needed for a given production cycle is time consuming and, given the cost, getting it right is mission critical.

Blog Cup Coffee Lab Events

Cropster Cup at Roasters Guild Retreat - Running a competition with Cup

Devin Connolly,

Over 140 cuppers, 20 teams, 4 coffees to blend, 500+ cupping bowls - just another year at Roasters Guild Retreat. We're back with heads full of coffee knowledge, bags full of new friends, coffee and sponsors’ swag and . . . a complete summary of this year's roasting competition!

Data, Security & Integration Blog Release

Getting to the core of your roast - the Cropster data project

Paul B,

We spend a lot of time thinking about data. What's the easiest way to help people collect information, how can we help people in their everyday work? And critically, how can we help people take advantage of all the amazing recent advances in data analysis. Cropster has advanced reporting that helps people focus on what is critical and gain insights. We built much of this side by side with coffee experts across the world. But, we know there are a lot more gems hiding in that data. The result, we’re beginning a new project to find them - the Cropster Data Project.


Finding green coffee gets even easier for buyers. Presenting green coffee made easy for sellers

Paul B,

As a rapidly growing platform for green coffee buyers and sellers Cropster Hub makes hundreds of green coffees available to thousands of buyers daily.

Cropster Roast explained by Norbert

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