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Cropster Roast

Do you work in a roastery? In a roasting business?

Available with Cropster Cup.

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Cropster Lab

Do you work in a coffee or cocoa lab or trade coffee/cocoa?

Available with Cropster Cup.

Coffee or Cocoa

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Cropster Origin

Do you produce and offer high quality coffee? 

Available with Cropster Cup.

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Cropster Hub

Source coffees worldwide from a single place.

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Are you getting as excited for CRG Retreat 2019 as we're?

Ines K,

Who's getting excited for Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat 2019? We are! And we cannot wait to head to Buford, GA, USA to be part of all the great workshops and activities again this year. What an amazing event to see old friends, meet new ones, and of course, drink some excellent coffee.


What is user experience design and why is it so important for us at Cropster?

Lisa G,

In this series we want to give some insights to our daily work in the product design team at Cropster. One of our core topics is User Experience Design. In this first article we want to describe what User Experience design is and why it is so important to us.



Daisy G,

We're headed on tour across the southern USA from August 5-14, 2019. Together with our friends from Balzac Brothers we will be hosting a series of workshops across Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Georgia. Here are the tour dates and info on how to sign up.

Roast Coffee Lab Release

Managing your team within Cropster just got easier!

Ines K,

When was the last time you checked to see who you have added to your Cropster account? With the latest Cropster release, inviting users to Cropster and editing their roles and permissions just got a lot easier. Keep reading for all the details...



On the road to San Diego

Ines K,

We're headed on a road trip to Southern California next month and would like to invite you to join a Cropster Masterclass. Keep reading for more info...

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