Cropster Brazil & Mundo Café: Production Management & Roast Quality

Cropster Brazil & Mundo Café: Production Management & Roast Quality

21. Jan. 2021 - 21. Jan. 2021 | Zoom webinar

To get the year off to a good start, we already have a super special Portuguese Webinar from Brazil next week! With more than 15 years of work in the specialty coffee industry, Paula Dulgheroff our special guest is partner-owner of Mundo Café, in Uberlândia. Paula is a reference specialist in the Brazilian market, especially in the region where she operates, the Cerrado Mineiro.

"My mission is to strengthen the ties between the coffee consumer and the producer, seeking to translate into the cup all the work done in the hands of the producers, honoring their work".

"Reproducing the roasting curves through Cropster has become essential for anyone who wants quality and traceability in the steps following the harvest until the long-awaited cup of coffee."

Do not miss this webinar on January 21st at 7pm (BRT), sign up now!

PS: Portuguese language only.


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