Roast like a Champion

Roast like a Champion

26. Jun. 2021 - 26. Jun. 2021 | VooV Webinar

We are so happy to have the US roasting champion Mark Michaelson as a guest this time, a master expert in the field of both roasting competitions and daily coffee roasteries operations. After working as the head roaster at Onyx Coffee Lab for over 10 years, he is now running his consultancy business.
In this dual language Chinese / English Webinar, Mark is going to share his knowledge and insights about:

  • how to plan ahead in roasting competitions, no matter if it’s a normal, a aenophobic fermented coffee, or a high density bean.
  • how to set or adjust roasting profiles in order to fulfil both cafe customers’ (wholesale) and coffee consumers’ (retail) needs and expectations.
  • quality control process and standard implementation.
  • how to use new technologies in his day to day work in order to improve efficiency and consistency.
  • Q&A session

Come join us on 26th of June by signing up in the form below. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email with the Tencent meeting (or Voov) link. Please make sure you’ve downloaded & installed the application before the call.
If you have any questions about coffee roasting and need to consult Mark, please simply reply to that confirmation email and send us your questions. We will sort out your questions in advance, so stay tuned!

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