Cropster développe le meilleur logiciel pour l'industrie des cafés de spécialité

Grace à notre aide, les producteurs, commercants, torréfacteurs et dégustateurs délivrent un café de meilleure qualité.Vous le pouvez également!

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La torréfaction Cropster

Travaillez-vous dans une brûlerie? Dans une entreprise de torréfaction?

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Le laboratoire Cropster

Travaillez-vous dans un laboratoire de café ou de cacao? Êtes-vous commerçant de café ou de cacao?

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Café ou Cacao

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Cropster Origin

Produisez et proposez-vous un café de haute qualité?

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La plateforme Cropster

Tous les cafés du monde à un seul endroit

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Hub Blog Release

Hub Tag! Remember that coffee and EVERYTHING about it!

Ines K,

That's a bold claim, but Hub’s latest feature is a big one! And we believe that claim holds up. Hub now connects your real world coffee work directly with the online world.

Blog Release Roast Coffee Lab

Improved workflow - set up your cupping sessions in just a few clicks!

Ines K,

With this release we’ve simplified the setup of your sensorial analysis and added a completely new option - double-blind cupping. To make creating your cupping sessions even easier, we’ve come up with a setup wizard to guide you through the process. The result? Getting ready to cup is now faster, easier and includes great new features and functionality.


Join a Cropster Masterclass or Hands-on at World of Coffee Amsterdam!

Paul B,

We're super excited to be heading back to Amsterdam for World of Coffee 2018 in June and we've got lots planned! If you're heading to Amsterdam in June & are interested in joining our Masterclass or Hands-on please read on. We'll be updating on additional events closer to the time. ;-)

Cocoa Lab Release Blog

Cropster brings roasting and quality control together for cocoa businesses

Paul B,

For a few years now there has been a growing number of people in the specialty cocoa business using Cropster. Thus, with each release we've focussed on improving all the features & functionalities of our Cocoa products. Please read on to get all the details of the latest update in which we integrated two key functions for cocoa businesses.

Roast Coffee Lab Blog Release

Lots of coffees or samples to keep track of? Save time and effort with our latest update!

Ines K,

We know that managing your coffee inventory can sometimes be a challenge. That's one reason we are constantly looking at how to make handling inventory, easier, faster and more accurate. To help you make the most of this time and hopefully reduce the amount of time required, we have added a new feature that we call the 'bulk lot editor'. What’s that? Simply put it’s a place where you can edit a number of coffees all at the same time.

La torréfaction Cropster par Norbert (en anglais)

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