For producers operating a single mill looking to track and integrate processing, quality, and traceability information for their customers.
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  • Post-harvest processing
    • Offline coffee reception
    • Yield estimation
    • Measurements
    • Lot building
    • Harvest reporting
  • Sample management
    • Sharing
    • Sample traceability
  • Inventory
    • Inventory reporting
    • Multiple locations
    • SLIC sample labels
    • Lot pricing
  • Quality control
    • Basic physical analysis
    • Sensorial analysis
    • Quality reporting
  • Cropster Cup app

Origin Foundation subscriptions are only available for small-scale organizations based solely in coffee producing countries. We offer this to support small scale producers, mills and exporters.

Need more details? Our features page provides a detailed overview of all Cropster features.

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Need more details? Our feature page provides a detailed overview of all Cropster features.



For producers managing processing, quality and traceability information and operating a micro-roastery. Manage up to 5 processing facilities.
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All of FOUNDATION plus:

  • Roasting Intelligence
    • Gas control and Replay assist
    • AI drive roast curve prediction
  • Profile management
    • Roast profiles and references
    • Roast designer
    • Roast comparison
  • Advanced green inventory & reporting
    • Lot traceability
    • Lot transaction
    • Sourcing projects
  • Advanced quality control
    • Full green grading (physical analysis)
    • Advanced cupping sessions
    • Custom cupping sheets
    • Cupper compare report / Cupper profile report
  • Advanced Team Management
    • Task Management
    • Task Report


250 kg 500lbs per month green coffee roasting included

Need more details? Our features page provides a detailed overview of all Cropster features.

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For producers with enterprise needs
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Larger producers face unique opportunities and challenges. We're here to discuss your needs and craft a plan with you. This usually starts with:

  • Workflow assessment
  • Team and data onboarding
  • Dedicated success management
  • Targeted training
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Enterprise support
How Cropster Origin pricing works for your business.

Our goal is simple, fair and transparent pricing. To keep things simple we offer three packages.

All of our Origin pricing has a maximum of two components. They are:

  • a base package
  • an add-on, if you want one

Add-ons / Hardware

Add-ons provide specialized functionality to add and expand Cropster Roast. There are two types of add-ons:

  • Services (charged monthly)
  • Hardware (one time fee and you own the hardware, no shenanigans)
Cropster Connector
Connect any commercial
roaster/sample roaster without
'plug and play' features to Cropster.
$199 € 159
one time cost
Billing FAQs

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Questions about which plan? Or how to estimate your volume?

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