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Mobile App

Origin Mobile App

An offline-first tool that allows users to record the weight of coffee received from suppliers at the mill or collection points.

Register suppliers

Register a new supplier on-the-fly directly in the app at the same time as you record the weight of coffee you receive from them. Suppliers can be pickers, fields, farms or communities.

Record weights

Record the weight of coffee received from each supplier. Identify individual batches based on harvest date, variety, farmer community, and more. This is the first step in creating fully traceable lots.

Browse batches

All batches that have been belonging to the current harvest are available to view from the app. The list is sortable, and batches that have not yet been synced may be edited.

Sync data

Upload your data when an internet connection is available. There are multiple failsafes to guard against data loss, and a sync log gives you an overview of all the status of all your uploads.

Help center

In the event you have any difficulty using the app, a built in help center allows you to contact support directly, send the raw data, and reset the app when necessary.

Supported devices

Works on Android and iOS devices.


Mill permissions

Managers or coffee collectors register batches linked to a mill (washing or drying station) where they are processed. Multiple users may be associated with a single mill.

Custom processing methods

Define how coffee will be processed. You can describe the process and control expected yield factors between states when coffee is weighed.

Supplier details

Capture supplier details; be they pickers, fields, farms or communities. This includes optional contact and location information.

Register batches

Record deliveries of coffee from one or more suppliers, usually in an unprocessed state, such as cherry. These are later updated with the dried volumes, and include details such as variety.

Batch division

Divide received cherry into separate batches based on quality. When dry weights are recorded you gain an overview of the proportion of ripes, underripes and overripes associated with each cherry delivery.

Yield factors

Determine yield factors between states of coffee. You can control the expected yield factors depending on the processing method, and override these for individual batches. Compare expected with actual factors after processing is complete.

Yield estimation

Estimate the amount of parchment and green coffee from each batch as soon as you start receiving cherry. You can use these estimates to begin assembling your lots even before drying is finished.

Update dry weights

After coffee is dried you may update the actual weights that resulted from a particular batch. This is used to calculate efficiency and guard against theft by comparing it to the yield estimation.

Batch groups

Group batches to create larger volumes that will be converted into a lot. Batch groups can be used to represent how the dried coffee is stored in the warehouse, and gives you an overview of your total volume by coffee type.

Convert to lot

Once coffee is finished with processing and stored in a warehouse, you can convert it into a lot. Lots inherit all the information from the batch group. Lots can be sampled, marketed, milled and sold.



Maximizing the quality potential of your coffee requires action before a batch is ruined due to poor drying or storage. You can view the entire history of the conditions during processing and anticipate which lots might be damaged before you present them to buyers.

Sensor notifications

Set target temperatures, humidity and/or air pressure for any sensor location and receive a notification if that measurement exceeds or falls below your given thresholds. With Cropster, you’ll know right away if something is wrong.

Sensor tracking

Keep track of an unlimited number of sensors and locations directly in Cropster and analyze that information against all other quality aspects of your business.

Sensor reporting

Create reports summarizing your AmbientSensor data and see where you need to adjust your roasting or your facility management to maintain the quality of your green coffee.

Warehouse sensing

Cropster’s AmbientSensors allow you to monitor exactly what is going on in your storage facilities 24/7. Track changes in temperature, humidity and/or air pressure over time and make decisions based on that data.


Track temperature and humidity during processing and storage. This helps you achieve perfect post-harvest handling and ensures no bad batches end up on the cupping table.

Real time view

Monitor the drying and storage conditions of your coffee in real time. Consistent quality means responding to problems before they occur, even in changing weather conditions. Just a few hours of too much heat or moisture can ruin your coffees’ flavor.

Automatic alerts

Automatically receive alerts if the temperature or humidity passes outside of your ideal range. You can predefine the minimum and maximum thresholds for each environmental indicator.

Quality Control

Information sharing

Cropster lets you easily summarize and share sample, cupping and report information. Inviting guests to your QC sessions (guest cuppers/tasters) is quick and easy with Cropster.

Green grading

Capture all of the essential green coffee data like moisture, density, screen size, defects and more. This important information is then integrated throughout your account to help you when you need it most.

Quality compare report

Quality compare helps you analyze and review scores, descriptors, spread and deviation and more to reveal what worked and what didn’t.

Introductory cupping

Introductory cupping includes access to the Cropster Cup app, the essential cupping sheets, label creation and thorough analysis of all cupping results. The Cup app works offline too, so you can cup no matter where you are.

Blind cupping

Easily create and setup blind or doubleblind cupping sessions. Use Cropster to print out labels and enter cupping results (with Cropster Cup or via the web browser). All of your cupping data is automatically synced and informative QC reports are only a click away.

Cropster Cup

Cropster Cup is a fully connected cupping app for smartphones & mobile devices that integrates with the Cropster platform to deliver instant quality results. Cup is always available to fulfill your quality requirements.

Quality overview

Analyzing your coffee is the best way to find differences between specialty and commercial quality coffee. Cropster gives you an easy framework to do so. Cup offline with staff or guest cuppers. Rigorously green grade samples according to industry standards and make informed lot blending, marketing and pricing decisions.

Quality Control – Cup

Custom cupping forms

Pro Feature

Cropster supports the designing of your own custom cupping sheets to suit your specific needs. You can also add your own descriptors to fully customize your cupping sessions and take your cupping sessions to the next level.

Advanced cupping sessions (non-blind, blind, double-blind)

Pro Feature

With advanced cupping sessions you can set up blind or double-blind cupping sessions. Cropster guides you through the setup and makes creating and printing the necessary labels easy.

Cropster Cup

Cropster Cup is a fully connected cupping app for smartphones & mobile devices that integrates with the Cropster platform to deliver instant quality results. Cup is always available to fulfill your quality requirements.

Introductory cupping

Introductory cupping includes access to the essential Cropster cupping sheets, with full on and offline support and all the features you need to successfully record and analyze your cupping results.

Custom descriptors

Pro Feature

Easily add custom descriptors for your cupping sessions. You can define a descriptor as positive or negative and as high, medium or low impact. Reporting and analysis on custom descriptors is fully supported.

Multiple cupping forms

Pro Feature

With multiple cupping forms you get full access to hundreds of pre-defined cupping sheets, including industry standards such as the SCA and CoE sheets. This guarantees you always have the best sheet for your needs.

Online/offline functionality

Pro Feature

Cup offline wherever you have your phone or tablet: at origin, your warehouse, Everest base camp or anywhere else. Just open the app and the next time you are connected to the internet your results will sync to Cropster.

Blind cupping

Easily create and setup blind or doubleblind cupping sessions. Use Cropster to print out labels and enter cupping results (with Cropster Cup or via the web browser). All of your cupping data is automatically synced and informative QC reports are only a click away.

Sample Management

Sample traceability

Pro Feature

Track the entire life history of your samples, no matter how many you have. Stay on top of this wealth of information to make better purchasing decisions.

Filter/sort functions

Pro Feature

Sort or filter your samples to find out exactly what you need to know. From tracking # to cupping scores or certificates and more, all the information you need is there.

Multiple tracking numbers

Pro Feature

Enter your samples’ ICO, container or tracking number into Cropster to stay on top of where all of your samples are, whether they are pre-shipment, spot offer or evaluation.

PDF reports

Pro Feature

Quickly create PDF quality reports of one or more samples. Share important quality information that much faster.


With SLIC, traders can easily create sample bag labels with QR codes that roasters can quickly scan to import the sample’s data directly into their Cropster account.

Bulk sample import

Pro Feature

If you have a lot of samples or are thinking of migrating your sample inventory to Cropster, our bulk sample registration tool makes it easy to quickly enter all of your sample information into the system.

Sample roasting

Pro Feature

Connecting your sample roaster(s) to Cropster is easy. Integrate your sample roasting with Cropster’s sample management tools to streamline your workflow.

Sample management

Pro Feature

Keeping track of your samples and their quality data can be cumbersome and time consuming. Our sample management tool helps you easily upload, organize, and record quality info for your samples. You can track a coffee throughout its entire life history from sample to purchased coffee.

Export to excel

Select which fields and records to include, and then easily create a customized spreadsheet export with the click of a button.

Quality feedback

Track the status of samples sent to buyers and receive quality feedback. Use this plus your processing and cupping data to learn about your customers’ taste preferences and better target your offerings.


Cropster begins creating a history of each lot from the moment a delivery is first received, preserving complete traceability through processing, blending and milling. This makes it simple to analyze supplier performance.

Data sharing

Cropster offers multiple ways to share traceability information with buyers; in the form of smart sample labels, excel and PDF reports or via direct-sharing with other Cropster accounts. You can even choose which information to share.

Inventory Management

Split/merge lots

With Cropster, you can split or merge lots together with a few clicks of the mouse and save time on your inventory management process.


Keep your inventory organized with industry-standard certifications, such as Rainforest Alliance or Organic certifications. Sort and filter your current inventory via certifications.

Advanced inventory

Cropster’s advanced inventory management system lets you sort and filter your inventory based on any one of multiple variables. From basics like name or origin country to specifics like PO or external ID numbers, the possibilities are (almost) endless.

Multiple locations

Pro Feature

Track everything related to your samples and green inventory across multiple locations, including labs and warehouses.

Lot registration

Add lots to inventory, either by converting from the batches you processed, or by uploading a spreadsheet, scanning sample labels, or receiving lot details from another Cropster user.

Inventory management

Cropster helps you keep track of the weight, location, and milling status of all of your lots. It allows you to manage an inventory system and customer relationships; register sales, and ensure you never oversell a lot.

Milling and screening

Draw down the weight of your dry-cherry or parchment lots, and record the amount of resulting green for various screen sizes or defects counts. This information calculates your milling efficiency, and allows you to seperate the lots into multiple export grades.

Sample labels

Choose which lot information to include on sample labels. Embed data as a QR code for easy scanning by customers. Print custom sizes with your company logo on a normal or label printer.

Offer lists

It’s simple to print offer lists showing how much stock is left, and you can personalize lists with different lots for each of your clients.

Processing history

Full processing history is automatically linked to lot records, including all the results of quality analysis from associated samples, making it easy to provide buyers with detailed lot reports.

Register sales

Record the sale for each lot, along with details including the buyer identity, price, tracking and ICO numbers.

Remaining inventory

Inventory is updated whenever coffee is milled or sold. So offer sheets and sample labels always reflect the latest weights for both unmilled and green lots.


Lot transaction

Look into the history of a specific lot. See where it is, where it has been, how much coffee is remaining and when it is projected to run out.

Supply network

Associate names and businesses with your coffees so you can track and evaluate your supply network.

Inventory report

Pro Feature

The Inventory Report shows your current inventory across multiple locations. See how much coffee is in each location and how much it is worth. Sort and search by specific location or certificate.



Cropster is accessible online, anytime, via any internet browser enabled device. Yes, even your smartwatch (we’ve tried).

Education and sharing

We are always trying to expand our knowledge of the specialty coffee industry and we actively share that knowledge with all of our customers.


Cropster support comes with over 100 manuals dealing with the most common problems, FAQs and setup processes. Search for and access manuals from directly within Cropster.

Full ticketing

Cropster includes a personal support system with full ticketing. That means if you have a problem, your ticket gets automatically sent to the right person for the job who will reach out to you with support for your specific issue.

Feature request

Do you think Cropster is missing a feature or something could be improved? We work closely with coffee professionals across the supply chain and many of our best features and ideas come from their suggestions. Let us know!

User management

One Cropster account gives you access to an unlimited number of users. Define each user’s role and ensure Cropster is optimized for their specific job. Create groups, track all of your metrics against users, manage permissions and more.


Cropster is available in 9 different languages other than English so you can roast and plan in your preferred language.

We are happy to support you.