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Our Vision

At Cropster our goal is to work with roasters, processors, traders, q-graders and producers of specialty goods (especially coffee) and to help everyone in this supply chain access the best processes, expertise and products. We believe real-time, worldwide access to this information results in better, fairer and more environmentally friendly products for everyone.

We work to empower coffee and other specialty goods producers so they can operate as equal players in a fair supply chain across the world. We do this by facilitating efficient communication, helping track products, enabling easy capture and sharing of quality information and developing platforms to help deliver products from origin to the market for everyone.

Rely on innovation

Rely on innovation

Rely on our professional solutions that innovate to your needs.

Create quality

Create quality

We help you stay on top of your quality standards.

Grow & learn

Grow & learn

Large or small: our tools will help you grow to excellent performance.

All in one tools

All in one tools

Our tools are specialized and well integrated to save you time and money.

Team Austria

Andreas Idl

CEO Cropster GmbH

Martin Wiesinger


Andy Benedikter

Head of Sales

Chris Hallien

Product Manager

Paul Bartholomew

Marketing & Communications

Ines Krikler

Marketing & Communications Assistant

Sabine Zogsberger

Sales and Support

Jonas Sutter

Sales and Support

Stacy Zhou

Sales and Support

Raïssa de Vos

Customer Success

Carina Wagner

Service and Support Manager

Lisa Gringl

Head of Design

Laura Liivo

UI/UX Designer

Stefan Widerin

Software Development

Matthias Nöbl

Software Development

Stefan Pröll

Software Development

Martin König

Software Development

Jonas Stock

Software Development

Christoph Gostner

Software Development

Armin Pfurtscheller

Front End Development

Francesco Novy

Front End Development

Ondrej Sevcik

Front End Development

Julia Plattner

Administrative Assistant

Team USA

Norbert Niederhauser

CEO Cropster Inc.

Devin Connolly

Regional Sales Manager

Taylor Wallace

Sales and Support

James Faria

Sales and Support

Michelle Hasbrouck



You’ll work on interesting problems with passionate people.

We're always looking to move the coffee industry forward. With that comes a slew of fun, frustrating, and ultimately rewarding problems to solve. You'll always be covering new ground and surprising yourself with what you accomplish. Your work will influence the future of an entire industry.

We love our products and are dedicated to seeing them flourish. Along with a group of smart, passionate, and productive makers, your voice will be valued and you'll have a major say in the development of our products.

Cropster supports workplace diversity.

Cropster does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class.