Mexico, here we come! Meet us at Expo Café.

Mexico, here we come! Meet us at Expo Café.

29. 8月. 2019 - 01. 9月. 2019 | Mexico City

We're returning to Expo Café! We will be in Mexico City from August 29 to September 1 and we would love to meet you. Are you heading to Mexico as well? If yes, let's meet at the Expo or come and join our Masterclass on August 30 (more info below).

Cropster Masterclass at Expo Café

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30. 8月 2019 | 12:00 - 14:00
WTC, floor 28, office 31 and 32

James will be here demonstrating how to use specific tools to manage your roastery with more ease. Come and join this lively session on August 30th at the expo center - WTC floor 28, office 31 and 32. We'll also share some exciting new updates & features! It's free to attend but space is limited, so please save yourself a seat below.

We're sorry we missed you at Mexico, here we come! Meet us at Expo Café.. There is good news! We have lots of other things going on. Hold on a moment and we'll show you our upcoming events.

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