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Customer Success Story: MoonGoat Coffee Roasters

Throughout the coffee supply chain, data collection as part of transparency, traceability, sustainability, and communication is becoming more important than ever. Companies like MoonGoat Coffee are no stranger to the importance and benefits of centralized data collection, particularly through the use of Cropster. As we recently rolled out our newest product, Cropster Cafe, we spoke to our friends at MoonGoat Coffee to learn more about how Cafe has positively impacted not only their Cafe operations but their communication and collaboration between the roastery and cafe.


Who is MoonGoat Coffee?

MoonGoat Coffee is a coffee roaster / retailer in Orange County, California, with 2 cafes and 1 roastery with established wholesale accounts across Southern California. David Yardley is a Co-founder at MoonGoat Coffee. David says that “MoonGoat has focused heavily on creating an impact through excellent customer service, thoughtful coffee buying, and offering unique/high-quality coffees.”

During MoonGoat’s growth, technology and data collection have been focal points for the growth and sustainability of their operations. Because of their willingness to maximize their use of technology, MoonGoat has seen massive improvements in operation efficiencies between their roastery and cafes.

The Overall Cropster Cafe Experience

MoonGoat has been a user of Cropster Roast over the past few years and has reaped the benefits of being able to manage their green inventory and achieve roast consistency through various features in Roast. Since the launch of Cropster Cafe, MoonGoat has implemented Cropster Cafe in their Flagship location and has seen immediate benefits. David says, “as an owner, I have oversight of the recipes being used and I can give feedback and educate when necessary. It helps us give constructive feedback rather than passive feedback to our team.” Their teams can also have more clarity on day-to-day tasks through the task management features in Cafe as tasks don’t get lost or erased on whiteboards or laminate sheets anymore .

The overall ability to log data has been essential to their overall cafe success and improvements as an operation. David says that Cropster Cafe “shines with multiple locations and multiple coffees on bar. Previously, we wrote recipes on the hoppers of our grinder after dialing-in our coffees. But with multiple baristas on bar throughout the day, Cafe has helped us hone in on following recipes more closely.” Interestingly, Cafe’s integration with La Marzocco has helped MoonGoat understand which group heads were being favored, limit coffee waste from dial-ins, and track their bar data more consistently.


Roastery/Cafe Collaboration and Workflow

For those who use Cropster Roast, Cafe is a simple and easy add-on to their Roast account. This add-on can help roasters track and analyze their coffees beyond the roastery, as they now have brew data at their disposal. David tells me, “Because we have brew data now, it has helped our roastery team stay more accountable and really understand where our roasts can be improved as we can now analyze and compare roast data with brew and understand the impacts that they have on overall cup quality.”

With the ability to collect multiple points of data, teams can have a better understanding of where their operation is lacking transparency between departments and where they can improve workflows. David says, “At first, having more data was hard between departments because it exposed what we weren’t doing. We thought they were sharing enough data between departments but now with Cafe we realized quite the opposite. We actually weren’t sharing enough data. Having extra data sets to track acted like a ‘flashlight’ as it shined light on important data points that were crucial for our teams to know.”


Impact on Overall Customer Experience

As a barista and cafe, customer service and the customer experience is usually a top-priority for many successful cafes and MoonGoat understands that firsthand. As mentioned above, recipes were often written on hoppers and also usually written hand in hand with tasting notes and profiles, which made it difficult for baristas to efficiently and clearly communicate taste profiles with customers. Now that recipes are not written on the hoppers, it leaves baristas with a more clear “cheat sheet” to effectively communicate tasting notes and profiles to customers.

Interestingly, David also mentioned that feedback of their drink menu changed after Cafe was implemented. He says, “All cafes will always experience complaints about their drinks. However, previously, those complaints were split between our tea and coffee offerings. After Cafe helped us get down to improving our consistency, we noticed complaints were now heavily leaning towards tea and less with coffee.”


Good Coffee, Happy Customers

Clearly, with the simple add-on of Cropster Cafe to their Roast account, MoonGoat has continued to improve and scale their business to offer their customers consistent and high-quality coffee.

Are you feeling motivated to improve the way your cafe collects overall cafe data? Book a demo with us today!

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