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Customer Success Story: Temple Coffee Roasters

Since 2008 Temple Coffee Roasters has grown to seven different locations both in their home city of Sacramento and in the city of Davis, just west of the California capital city. Founder Sean Kohmescher was inspired to use the name Temple during a trip to Indonesia as the word Temple represented an open space where everyone can hang out, enjoy the moment and just slow down with him.

This feeling is exactly what drove Sean to open his cafe in 2005 in Sacramento. An open cafe, in which customers can come in 365 days a year without exception. In 2008 Temple decided they would start their own roastery and did so with a team of roasting experts. 

  Production Roasters: Renegade Roaster (60k), Probat UG (15k)
Capacity: ~5,000 lbs per week 
Location: Sacramento, California, USA 
Number of cafes:
Customer since: June 2018 

Temple's success lies in their attention to detail in everything they do, from roasting through packaging, to the customer experience, to employee performance. When it comes to the roast process, Temple tests up to five different roast profiles on each new coffee before it gets added to their offering. Finding out what each coffee has to offer and unlocking its full potential in the cup allows Temple's baristas to offer customers specific individual recommendations and useful guidance through their menu.


Temple Coffee Roasters in Sacramento, USA; Photo credits: TempleCoffee

The Goal: Moving from multiple spreadsheets to a single software tool. Before Cropster, everything from roasting, inventory, cupping, and production scheduling was done manually on excel spreadsheets that needed to be updated often and by hand. That approach can only be managed effectively for so long until the spreadsheets start to become inaccurate and more time is spent managing the tools than actually using them. For many years Temple tracked all of their data manually and in spreadsheets, but they too felt the growing pains that came with managing outdated and time-consuming tools. As soon as Temple increased their production volumes and opened up more cafes, they were looking for a single software service that could help them manage all of their data, especially their green inventory. Temple's number one priority was to track their inventory in real time and to be able to check it, no matter where they were. That’s when they discovered Cropster. 


Roastery of Temple Coffee; Photo credits: TempleCoffee

The Tool: Ever since Temple started using Cropster, tracking their green inventory became much easier. Even when Camilla is not at the roastery, she can check on inventory. “I can still technically check on our inventory if something is missing or there's a miscommunication about where the pallet of coffee is, I can find it” Camilla told us. They have been planning to switch to a new Commerce platform (Shopify) for a long time. Cropster’s Order to Roast is compatible with Shopify, which gave them confidence to make the switch officially in spring 2020.

The Result: With Order to Roast, employees have extra time to dial in the coffee to ensure the best possible product instead of being kept busy with task management. During our discussion, Camilla told us that especially for head roasters, Order to Roast keeps them on top of their team, what is happening during all stages of work, and ensures that no coffee is unnecessarily wasted. Camilla also noted that she enjoyed the relationship that her company had with Cropster and that she had felt a real friendship between the two businesses. 

“It's definitely been a lot of fun. I feel like I'm getting to know everyone. And whenever we need help, creating a ticket or just emailing Cropster is so easy. The last time all I literally did was text them. And they were like, yeah, no problem. We'll be there tomorrow. And it was a Saturday.” 

We are honored that Temple would recommend Cropster to other roasteries. Camilla highlighted that especially medium sized companies who are looking to expand in the future, can profit from partnering with Cropster to maximize their efficiency.

If Cropster sounds like the tool for your roastery but you're not sure of what it will take to get started, or concerned it may cause delays in your roastery, we are happy to let you know that our support, sales, and customer success teams are dedicated to ensuring your quick ramp-up to an easy integration with Cropster that will leave you feeling confident and assured. 

We have an attentive support team and an in-depth helpdesk to learn from as well.
Would like to see how it works? Sign-up for a demo here

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