Roasting Origins: Brazil edition

Roasting Origins: Brazil edition

30. Sep. 2020 - 30. Sep. 2020 | Zoom Webinar

Discovering approaches from roasters around the world

Cropster and Ally Coffee have teamed up to find the answer to a question we are very curious about: What would happen if we sent the same exact Brazilian coffee to roasting experts across the world? How would they perceive the coffee? How would they approach it? How would they roast it? We not only want to explore the differences in roast techniques, but also attempt to find out why these differences arise in different markets.


How we'll do it

We're sending the same green coffee to a number of expert roasters around the world to find out how they approach the roasting process with this coffee specifically. We'll analyze the roast curves, check out their cupping notes, and find out what flavors in the coffee they're trying to highlight. Then, we'll dive into how each of their markets calls for a unique approach to this same coffee, with the goal of understanding how the consumer influences the roast profiles for each of our experts.


Join us and the experts in the webinar

We're curious about this and we think you will be too!  Please join in our webinar on September 30th, 2020 where we will dive into all of these questions live with the roasting experts themselves. 

Watch the webinar here



About the coffee

A special lot of Red Obata Natural coffee was sponsored by Fazenda Minamihara for the event. Red Obata is a Sarchimor coffee variety developed by the Instituto Agronomico of São Paulo State. The variety is known for its high yield potential and coffee leaf rust resistance and grows throughout Brazil, making it a great representation of modern Brazilian specialty coffee production for this event. You can read more about the coffee and the farm here.


Meet the roasters and producer:


Mohammad Almarhoon - Artist Hub

Mohammad's interest in coffee was first piqued in the year 2000, but it wasn't until living in Melbourne for three years beginning in 2008 that he became truly hooked. In April 2014, he and his partners opened Green Seeds Coffee, spearheading the introduction of specialty coffee to Saudi Arabia. They would eventually go on to open a roasting business, Artist Hub, in 2016, and between 2012 and 2017 Mohammad would attend coffee roasting classes across the globe to build his skills. In 2017 Mohammad left his career in medicine to work in coffee full time, and now their businesses act as a resource for roasting, importing, equipment sales and maintenance, and more.


Hugo Rocco - Moka Clube

Moka Clube co-founder Hugo Rocco is something of a hometown participant in this event, hailing from Brazil just like the featured coffee. The business began when he decided to move away from his work in computers and engineering, quickly transitioning to a data and tech driven approach to the craft of roasting. Hugo has now visited more than 200 farms, always on the search for the best lots of coffee available. He says that while hunting coffees is his passion, roasting them keeps him excited to continue learning and working toward highlighting balance in every coffee he roasts.


Pat Connolly - Genovese Coffee


Nearly two decades into his coffee career, Pat has worked in nearly role imaginable. With 10 of those years now dedicated to roasting, quality control, and green buying, it's no surprise that his list of recent accomplishments include coaching the 2nd and 4th place finishing World Roasting Championships competitors in 2017 and 2018, and finishing 2nd himself in the 2019 Australian Roasting Championships. Pat says that he enjoys exploring and tasting the differences in lots, farms, regions, and countries year after year, making coffee an exciting, unpredictable, and evolving industry to be in. Outside of coffee, he's currently working toward a flat-top hair-do, as well as learning to juggle.


Shelby Williamson - Huckleberry Roasters


While many roasters start their coffee career somewhere outside of the roastery, Huckleberry Roasters' Head Roaster Shelby Williamson has spent all six years of her career in front of the drum. Outside of the roastery, Shelby creates art ranging from sculpture to writing, and coaches volleyball during the winter season in Colorado, USA. Competition is something that she's pretty familiar with even away from the bump set and spike though, earning herself the title of US Roaster Champion in 2019


Roman Khomchenko - Roasting Brew LLC


Roman's six year career in coffee grew quickly from having a few shops to selling them all in the pursuit of roasting the best coffee he could imagine. Since then he's traveled across the globe learning about coffee, from origin, to educational opportunities, to visiting World Championship events. Now a Q Grader, sensory judge for Barista and Brewers' competitions, and Roaster competitor himself, Roman was named Roaster of the Year at the Russian National Championship, and plans to continue pursuing greatness year after year.


Garreth Druce - The Barn


Head Roaster at The Barn in Berlin, Germany, Garreth Druce is an Australian transplant with 10 years now in coffee. With experience as a barista, trainer, and now roaster, his varied experience has brought him to enjoying clarity in coffee whether the flavors are familiar or unexpected and unusual. When he's not roasting you can find him with his wife, kids, and cats, or out keeping active either surfing, skating, or biking.


Getulio Minamihara -  Fazenda Minamihara, Cristais Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil


Fazenda Minamihara in Cristais Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil shares its name with the Minamihara family who arrived in Brazil from Japan in the 1930's to work with coffee. They moved to this area of São Paulo in 1973, and have passed their skills, knowledge, and passion for coffee cultivation through their family ever since. 


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