For coffee retail businesses looking to monitor and improve the quality and consistency of their brewing. From single cafe to multi-location chains.
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  • Quality management
    • Brew recipe and reference management
    • Brew evaluation
    • Brew reference comparison
    • Brewing control chart
    • Linked roasts, green coffee and origin information
  • Basic Equipment management
    • Overview of equipment
    • Cleaning history
  • Basic Task management
  • Supports multiple locations (w/ per location pricing)
  • includes 1 cafe location with 1 espresso machine

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For coffee retail business with enterprise needs.
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How Cropster Cafe pricing works for your business

Our goal is fair and transparent pricing. To keep things simple we offer two Cafe packages. We bill monthly and you can cancel at anytime.


Your pricing is based on:

  • a base package
  • the number of cafe locations you have