Webinar   -   Roasting and profiling

Exploring Roast Profiles for Cold Brew

Watch the recording of our webinar that explored roast profiles for cold brew.

Check out James Faria speak with Nancy Córdoba on her study conducted at the Universidad de la Sabana on the development of roast profiles for cold brew coffee. They also explore how Cropster Roast can help you achieve this development.

00:09:24 Investigaciones científicas

00:14:52 El estudio del desarrollo del cafe para cold brew

00:23:44 Perfiles de tueste para cold brew

00:31:27 Los resultados físicos para cold brew

00:45:14 Perfil sensorial de cafe para cold brew

00:53:04 Q&A

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Exploring Roast Profiles For Cold Brew

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Webinar   -   Roasting and profiling   -   Quality control

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Besca Airflow Control and Replay

We're thrilled to announce that in cooperation with Besca we have developed and released airflow control semi-automation for roasters using Besca’s range of automated roasting machines.

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