What sets one cupping app ahead of all others?

One word: Connectivity


There are a few cupping apps available. Only one of them ties all your cuppings back to each stage of your business from sampling and green buying through roasting and morning cuppings in the cafe - Cropster Cup. Cupping is the cornerstone of quality coffee and has featured in every version of Cropster. Delivering cupping as a portable app that offers the same high level of connectivity to your coffee business - that took more time. Adding key features from the first release, features we knew our partners and customers relied on - that also takes time. Why the extra time?

Another word: Flexibility

Our first cupping applications allowed customers to enter information directly into a laptop or copy information from paper cupping sheets they had created for their specific businesses. Custom cupping sheets are more than a nice to have, they are a must have. Cupping requirements vary depending on your place in the supply chain. Bulk cupping functions, quality session scheduling and industry standard cupping sheets as well as customised cupping sheets are all in there. It's quite an achievement in a small app and we're proud of it. Our goal has been to deliver a business grade cupping app and this version delivers on that. Why?

Another word: Quality

You take your coffee seriously. We take our technology seriously. Just as cupping sits at the center of your quality control, it sits at the center of our fully connected coffee management platform. It delivers a promise - the time you spend on quality will increasingly benefit your coffee and your coffee business over time with less effort. That's a big promise, how is it possible?

A concept: Network effect

The network effect is a phenomenon whereby a good or service becomes more valuable when more people use it. Simply put, the more you cup, the more data you collect about a given coffee across it's life with your business. But it runs deeper than that. Because all that quality information is captured in a system and tied to your coffee's lifecycle you get much more than coffee quality information. You get insights into your business, its processes, its people and its products. What do we mean by insights?

A question: Can you easily answer these questions? Cropster users can. 

  • How well did that green we bought match up to the sample?
  • How is that new roast machine performing?
  • How can I create a roast profile that lives up to the green’s potential?
  • Which of my buyers lots yields the best performing coffees?
  • How consistent are we across lots, machines, roasters?
  • Which parts of my business are really improving? Which need help?

If you're a seasoned business that has been collecting cupping data you understand the power this information gives you. You've probably also seen our 'Production Reports' and our 'Roast Compare'. If like many businesses cupping sheets are those pieces of paper that accumulate across tables, desks, folders and hard drives - your time has come. The single biggest advantage of any cupping app is that it's always with you. Cropster cup has an additional and critical advantage. It is with you and it is connected to your business, to your coffee and to every quality process you focus on. Every process? Yes, every process. That's the benefit of connectivity.

And what if you're not connected?

We've got you covered. Cropster Cup also runs offline. If you're cupping at origin simply include Cropster Cup in your origin plan and you're covered. If you're cupping at work and want a distraction free environment - just turn on airplane mode and cup to your hearts content. Those emails and SMS messages can wait. Cropster Cup will still collect all your results and sync them to your business’ Cropster account the next time you go online. Distractions create bias and we’ve gone the extra mile to remove bias.

Another question: Cropster cup removes bias?

Bias is a problem during cupping. Just as colors mean certain things in certain cultures, they can affect taste. Seriously. We read the science and the result is an app that helps you focus on the coffee. Cropster Cup has been designed using neutral grays to help you cup. The focus on simplified greys also allowed us to focus more deeply on ensuring a clean, simple and quick interface for you.

And finally

If your business involves cupping 5 times a week or 5000, a connected cupping app is going to deliver huge value. This is why we focus our software on business value first. Cropster Cup will develop as the business tool it is meant to be. Connected to make sure your business can savor every last piece of information it collects. Featuring online and offline modes so people in the field and at home can focus on their jobs without distraction. Grayscale to ensure impartiality. Standard or custom so businesses can use sheets like SCAA and CoE or continue with tried and true sheets they have developed themselves.

Cropster Cup - Complete & Connected


Ps. Yes, an Android version of Cropster Cup is in the works. We’ll keep you posted.

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