Volumetric Espresso Machine Connector for Real-Time Extraction Insights

BrewBeacon opens the door for brew consistency and quality assurance for cafe retailers and wholesale roasters. The newest IoT hardware connector captures brew data from volumetric espresso machines, providing actionable data in Cropster Cafe to deliver exceptional coffee every time. BrewBeacon introduces a new, fact-based way to manage your coffee business across locations, customers, equipment, and recipes.

A Cropster powered IoT upgrade
  • Data driven insights across your business
  • BrewBeacon supports volumetric espresso machines and up to 4 group heads
  • Shot time and brew water pulses are captured in real time
  • Brews are tied to recipes, group heads, equipment, and locations
  • BrewBeacon is small and easy-to-install inside any machine

Your customers demand consistency. BrewBeacon brings your volumetric machine online with Cropster Cafe to automatically collect, organize, and visualize brew data from connected machines. It's the simplest way to unlock brew insights across all of your retail locations and wholesale customers, to help them deliver an excellent coffee experience - shot after shot, anywhere.

installing brew beacon
The missing link to brew consistency
  • Measure brew consistency across your business
  • Meaningful staff training based on actual brew data
  • Help wholesale customers brew coffee to your exceptional standards
  • Deliver consistent high-quality brews in your own cafes
  • Save costs through faster dial-ins, less waste, better teams and optimized machine usage

Bring a smile to your customers every time with consistently delicious coffee - made possible by BrewBeacon and Cropster Cafe. With accurate data, your operations run smoother, training your staff will be easier, supporting customers will be faster, and your machines will last longer.

measuring brew consistency
How do I get started with BrewBeacon?

It's simple.

  • Recieve a personalized demo and start your free trial today!
  • Our team will personally guide you through the steps to get your fleet of machines connected as soon as possible.
  • If you already use Cropster Cafe and want to connect additional machines, your Cropster account manager is available to help.

BrewBeacon retails at USD 319/EUR 299 for a 2 group machine. Additional connector sets for more group heads are available at very low cost. We offer to depreciate hardware costs as part of your software license if you connect 5 machines or more to your Cropster Cafe account.

For more information about BrewBeacon please see the FAQs.

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