Telemetry Calling - Cropster & La Marzocco in Berlin

Telemetry Calling - Cropster & La Marzocco in Berlin

06. сен. 2023 - 06. сен. 2023 | Berlin, Germany

Telemetry, the latest innovation in Coffee Machine Technology with Cropster & La Marzocco.

Are you a roastery owner, cafe owner, quality manager or a barista trainer?

Telemetry is the latest innovation in espresso machine technology. Connecting your espresso machine to Cropster allows for every brew to be recorded by Cropster. Think Cropster Roast but now you can add Cropster Cafe to your programme. Every step of the coffee chain is about consistency but only through a large data set can one gain the true scope of their consistency. Having a good data set provides detailed and concise information which allows for accurate assessment so you can show your approach and style when showcasing the coffees you have grown to love.

All La Marzocco machines have the capability to connect with Cropster Cafe to record all brews produced by the connected espresso machine. You can then view how the machine is performing, how your roasted coffee is performing and how your drinks are performing Through these pillars you are able to offer higher quality coffee to your guests and fellow coffee lovers.

Come to the La Marzocco Berlin office to see this connection happen in real time, with real brews being produced to see how we can work to produce better quality coffee with a focused and data driven approach.

We'll be providing plenty of drinks from Negronis to Natural Wines to a healthy stack of pizzas to keep you on your feet.

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