Tune in for a MAP IT FORWARD podcast next Monday!

Tune in for a MAP IT FORWARD podcast next Monday!

24. сен. 2018 - 24. сен. 2018 | Cropster

Next Monday, Sept 24th at 11 AM PDT another interesting MAP IT FORWARD podcast hosted by Lee Safar is airing live. Her guest this time is our one and only CEO Norbert Niederhauser! Make sure you don't miss it as they will talk about all things coffee, data, quality, Colombia, and lots more. 

Plus, Collective Roasting Solutions is organizing an Australia Tour with MAP IT FORWARD in October. There is two amazing 3-day events planned for both Sydney & Melbourne. It's all about furthering a career in coffee - "Professional Career & Business Development in today's Australian Coffee Industry".  There is an amazing agenda, lots great speakers and you don't have to jump on a plane to Australia as you can be a virtual participant (only for Melbourne)! Read all about both events and how to buy tickets here: https://mapitforward.org/events 

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