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Create and Manage Recipes with Cropster Cafe

If you are a roastery or if you manage cafes, you put a lot of thought into your extraction parameters. Sharing those recipes to your cafes and wholesale accounts can be cumbersome. Cropster Cafe makes it easy to share brewing parameters across multiple locations!


This video shows you how quick and easy it is to create and organize all of your cafe’s brew recipes.

  • The Recipes page in your Cropster Cafe account shows all of your recipes 0:22
  • Click on a recipe for a certain coffee to see all the locations using this recipe 0:39
  • Select a recipe at a specific location (which will show your parameters, including coffee dose and yield, brew time, flavor notes, and more). You can set it as a reference for any of the locations you have saved in Cropster. 0:48
  • Baristas at that location now see that recipe on their Cropster dashboard. 1:11
  • If you have different equipment, or other parameters at any locations, you can easily adapt the recipe for this location 1:25
  • Just navigate to the recipe again, and then pick any of the brews for this coffee, to set it as a new reference for that location. 1:35

Cropster Cafe makes it easy to share recipes between locations and your roastery, while still being flexible to allow each location to adjust recipes for their circumstances.

Are you ready to learn how Cropster Cafe can benefit your business? Book a demo and start a free trial today.


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