Episode 51 - Matt Brown on Sustainability and Education in Cafes

Matt Brown, Senior Manager of Coffee Operations from Coffee Bar is joining this month's leading coffee industry podcast to chat about his international career in coffee, building out educational…

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Episode 50 - Nick Castellano on New Projects and Moving Forward

Nick Castellano is the Creative Projects Manager at Ally Coffee and is based in Medellín, Colombia. Nick was previously the co-host of the Coffee & Technology podcast and now co-hosts a Spanish…

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Episode 49 - Felix Teiretzbacher on post-World Coffee Roasting Championship Win

Felix Teiretzbacher is the 2022 World Coffee Roasting Champion from Vienna, Austria. Felix has grown from a home roaster to a world champion in a matter of years and now finds himself a roasting icon…

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Episode 48 - Kevin Foley on Sustainability and B-Corp

Kevin Foley is the owner of Valley to Summit Sustainability, a sustainability consultancy based in California. Kevin is driven to help various businesses create and achieve a sustainability program.…

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Episode 47 - Andrea Allen on Competition, Innovation, and Women in Coffee

Andrea Allen is the Co-founder of Onyx Coffee Lab. She is head of operations for all Onyx cafes and for the roastery. She also holds the title of 2021 U.S. Barista Champion and the runner-up in the…

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Episode 46 - Shelby Williamson on Roast Competing and Green Coffee Buying

Shelby Williamson is the Head Roaster and Colombian Green Coffee Buyer at Huckleberry Coffee Roasters, the 2019 US Roasting Champion, and a certified Q-Grader. Shelby started roasting about 8 years…

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Episode 45 - Martin Elwert on Scaling a Coffee Business and B-Corp

Martin Elwert is the Founder of Coffee Circle in Germany. Coffee Circle is a certified B-Corporation and has been an e-commerce leader of specialty coffee across the DACH region of Europe. Martin…

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Episode 44 - Coding for Coffee

What does it look like and mean to code for the coffee industry? Nick and Norbert go into the technical minded part of coding for the coffee industry and what that journey has looked like for Cropster…

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Episode 43 - Dale Harris on Competing and Tech in the Cafe

Dale is a well-respected barista, trainer, and consultant with over 15 years of experience in coffee. He is currently the Chief Operations Officer at Ozone Coffee Roasters UK. As a World Barista…

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Episode 42 - IoT and Brew Data

In another conversation between Nick and Norbert, we revisit what Iot means and this time we focus on how it can change the future of cafes for the better.

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