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WCRC Results! All the details from the World Coffee Roasting Championship 2017

Welcome to the World Coffee Roasting Championship 2017 contestants' roast profiles blog! You’ll find all the profiles gathered from their competition roasts using Cropster below.

If you’re interested in the setup, the contestants were roasting using Giesen W6As. These machines feature a direct connection to Cropster making them plug and play. Cropster is running on an Intel stick computer with a large 21 inch monitor to highlight all the details. The roasts in China were then logged to our servers in Germany in real time making it possible for us to share quick updates like this (it also means you can check your roasts and your roastery from anywhere). If you’d like more information about this year's finalists, check them out here:

We’ll be updating this page during the competition and of course at the end with complete details about the winning roast. Please feel free to use the comment section at the bottom to discuss the competition with other roasters all over the world.

A few things to be aware of:

  • Competitors can, but do not have to, track events like First Crack and Color Change with Cropster
  • Where competitors tracked First Crack it will be shown in the graphs below
  • The other "bubbles" on the graph highlight comments like gas changes. However, from the Giesen W6As used at the competition Cropster automatically creates a separate gas, drum pressure and drum rotation log

Intrigued about Cropster?

If you’re interested in the information you see below and would like to know more about Cropster or just how to get started we’re here to help. Cropster is used by thousands of coffee professionals in 80+ countries around the world everyday. We work with everyone from small farms at origin to very large roasteries. Feel free to request a skype demo or send us a mail to with your questions and we’ll be in touch. Thank you!

WCRC 2017 competition results

What an amazing competition! The World Coffee Roasting Competition 2017 in Guangzhou, China is complete and we are thrilled to share all the details about the the finalists roasts here (btw, we are sorry about the delay in publishing these results. Following the competition it took a little longer than usual to get them confirmed for us to share for the official 1st, 2nd & 3rd place finishers). 

Here are the world coffee roasting champions:
#3 Benjamin Pozsgai, #1 Rubens Gardelli and #2 Jack Allisey

We extend our heartiest congratulations to the winners and all the participants in this year’s competition! Based on the graphs below we can already see how the roasting skill level of the contestants has increased over the past years! To come off as winner, every detail counts when finding the best possible way to roast a given green coffee and accentuate that coffee's potential. Something everyone who made it this far has clearly mastered.

We are excited to be able to provide the software used to help these roasters in their task. We’re also thrilled to be able to share them with you. We believe that sharing information makes everyone better at a given task which is why the ability to share information is built right into Cropster. Of course, if you’re working on your secret roast, we can also help keep that quiet too. ;-) But for this competition let’s get into the details.


The finalists roast profiles:

Cropster’s "Single Roast Analysis" function makes sharing the complete roast profile of the winning competitors simple. This view shows all temperatures, gas, rotation and pressure values. If you were using Cropster in a live environment (instead of viewing images in a blog), you'd be able to hover over the graphs to see temperature developments, recalculate RoR and more…

Side note: When you’re running a live version of Cropster you can use the Roast Compare function to show all the curve and roast details and compare other roasts, QC data and more.

Winner #1 - Rubens Gardelli from Italy

 Winner #2 - Jack Allisey from Australia

Winner #3 - Benjamin Pozsgai from Germany


WCRC 2017 practice roast results

The competition is officially underway in Guangzhou, China and it has been a busy day. The main roasting room has been filled with activity and the contestants are focussed. The initial days work has been interesting. Let’s dive in and take a closer look!

Practice roasting day 1: Tue, December 12

AUSTRALIA - Jack Allisey - Veneziano Coffee RoastersWCRC_2017_Jack Allisey_Australia_Practice Roast

NORWAY - Simo Christidi - Solberg & HansenWCRC_2017_Simo Christidi_Norway_Practice Roast

ITALY - Rubens Gardelli - Gardelli Specialty CoffeesWCRC_2017_Rubens Gardelli_Italy_Practice Roast

SWEDEN - Henrik Arvidsson - Blekinge KafferosteriWCRC_2017_Henrik Arvidsson_Sweden_Practice Roast

USA - Mark Michaelson - Onyx Coffee LabWCRC_2017_Mark Michaelson_USA_Practice Roast

UNITED KINGDOM - Matthew Robley-Siemonsma - Prufrock CoffeeWCRC_2017_Matthew Robley-Siemonsma_UK_Practice Roast 

BRAZIL - Robson Ribeiro - CocariveWCRC_2017_Robson Ribeiro_Brazil_Practice roast

ROMANIA - Katy Szasz - independentWCRC_2017_Katy Szasz_Romania_Practice Roast

SPAIN - Joaquín Parra - Right Side CoffeeWCRC_2017_Joaquin Parra_Spain_Practice Roast 

FRANCE - Veda Viraswami - Café SatiWCRC_2017_Veda Viraswami_France_Practice Roast

UKRAINE - Yuliia Saichuk - Svit KavyWCRC_2017_Yuliia Saichuk_Ukraine_Practice Roast

TURKEY - Serkan Sagsoz - Roast and Found Co.WCRC_2017_Serkan Sagsoz_Turkey_Practice Roast

CHINA - Weiwei Ye - independentWCRC_2017_Weiwei Ye_China_Practice Roast

SOUTH KOREA - Joo Sunghyun - 180COFFEEROASTERSWCRC_2017_Joo Sunghyun_South Korea_Practice Roast

TAIWAN - Ming Hsuan Hua - Reba CoffeeWCRC_2017_Ming Hsuan Hua_Taiwan_Practice Roast

GREECE - Panagiotis Matziounis - Roasters KolektivaWCRC_2017_Panagiotis Matziounis_Greece_Practice Roast

RUSSIA - Denis Sigulin - Coffee Owl RoastersWCRC_2017_Denis Sigulin_Russia_Practice Roast

MEXICO - Roberto Espinoza Ramírez - Inka Yani  WCRC_2017_Roberto Espinoza Ramirez_Mexico_Practice Roast

GERMANY - Benjamin Pozsgai - Moxxa Caffè

WCRC_2017_Benjamin Pozsgai_Germany_Practice Roast

DENMARK - Théo Maitre - Sigfreds KaffefabrikWCRC_2017_Theo Maitre_Denmark_Practice Roast

JAPAN - Hiraku Kondo - Ituka CoffeeWCRC_2017_Hiraku Kondo_Japan_Practice Roast



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