Anaerobic fermentation? Carbonic Maceration?

Anaerobic fermentation? Carbonic Maceration?

02. 12月. 2020 - 02. 12月. 2020 | Zoom webinar

Processing, roasting, and drinking new styles of coffee.

In the past couple years new styles of processing methods have become popular in the specialty coffee community and terms such as “anaerobic fermentation” or “carbonic maceration” are increasingly now heard when describing coffees.

Cropster and Nordic Approach Specialty Coffees are teaming up and putting on a free webinar to explore these new methods to find out what these terms mean, the science behind them, what they add to the coffee, the roasting process, and how it affects the supply chain. We will bring along some knowledgeable guests to help us dive into these topics:

  • Lex Wenneker - Founder of Friedhats in the Netherlands
  • Dmitrii Borodai - Founder of The Welder Catherine in Russia
  • Morten Wennersgaard - Founder of Nordic Approach Specialty Coffee Importers in Norway
  • Kingsley Griffin from Kingha Coffees in Uganda
  • Natalia Brito & Andre Garcia from Jaguara Coffee in Brazil

The webinar is happening on Zoom and taking place on Wednesday, December 2nd at 2 PM CET.

Sign up for the webinar here