On the way to Kansas City for US Coffee Champs

On the way to Kansas City for US Coffee Champs

15. 3月. 2019 - 17. 3月. 2019 | Kansas City

We're heading to the US Coffee Champs from March 15 - 17 and we'll be supporting the US Roaster Championship there.

We've already supported the qualifying events for the U.S. Roaster Championship (USRC) in Nashville and Denver and that's why we're even more excited to see who will be representing the USA at the Worlds Championships this year.

Are you heading to Kansas City as well and are interested in meeting us? Let us know so we can arrange a time to speak!


Cropster is here to support your roasting competition

Cropster has partnered with the SCA and the World Coffee Roasting Championship team for years now. We also partner with many national roasting competitions around the world. Our goal is simple, to help make running a roasting competition easier for everyone involved. If you're running your national coffee roasting competition in 2019 and would like us to support you, please get in touch!