SKU Webinar

SKU Webinar

15. 12月. 2021 - 15. 12月. 2021 | Zoom webinar

Keeping track of a multi-product inventory with a variety of product options, such as grind and package size, can be a real challenge! With a standardized approach to using Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), you can stay on top of your inventory and keep your product sales and inventory in sync across your accounting, fulfillment, and other tools. In our next webinar, Marcus Young and Kelsey Maher discuss SKUs, why you should care about them, and best practices when developing and integrating them into your business. During this webinar, they’ll share a plug and play template you can use to auto-generate SKUs for your inventory items. Read the new blog and join us on December 15th at 10am PST (7pm CET) to learn more about SKUs and their use in your Cropster account!



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