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World Coffee Roasting Championships WCRC 2016

This is the real-time blog for the WCRC 2016 contestants' roast profiles! Join the talk and share your opinion about them!

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Written by Andy Benedikter

The World Coffee Roasting Championship 2016 in Shanghai is in full swing! Find the competitors roast profiles here. Be sure to use the comment section at the bottom to discuss the competition with other roasters all over the world. Here you can find information about the finalists:

Please note:

  • Competitors can, but do not have to, track events like First Crack and Color Change with Cropster
  • Where competitors tracked First Crack it will be shown in the graphs below
  • The other “bubbles” on the graph highlight comments like gas changes. However, from the Giesen W6As used at the competition Cropster automatically creates a separate gas log
  • The full gas log and other interactions with the machine will not be disclosed before the end of the competition

Sneak preview: New Roast Compare coming soon

Below graphs show the Roast Compare function of Cropster, which is much more interactive than the static screenshots shown here.

We will soon release a revamped version of this report. It will present an even more comprehensive view on all roast curves and values, include complete QC data and Roast Ranger consistency checks. Stay tuned via Facebook and our newsletter!

Intrigued about Cropster?

You like what you see but are not quite sure if and how to get started with Cropster Roast in your company?

Feel free to request a skype demo or send us a mail to with your questions. Thank you.

WCRC 2016 final results

That went fast! The World Coffee Roasting Competition 2016 in Shanghai is over and the finalists and winners are:

1. ROMANIA – Alexandru Niculae – Barista School
2. RUSSIAN FEDERATION – Dmitrii Borodai – Double B Coffee&Tea
3. UNITED KINGDOM – Matthew Robley-Siemonsma – Prufrock Coffee

We congratulate the winners and all the contestants to a great competition! We haven’t got our hands on the judges’ final scores yet. But based on the graphs below we can already how the roasting skill level of the contestants has increased over the past years! To come off as winner, every detail counts in finding the best possible way of roasting the given green coffees and accentuate the coffee’s potential.

We are grateful for providing the software to make these profiles visible and hope our toolset was a good support to help the contestants find the profile they were aiming at.

The finalists’ profiles:

Here we use the “Single Roast Analysis” function of Cropster to show the complete roast profile of the winning competitors. It shows all temperatures, gas, rotation and pressure values. In our platform, you’d be able to hover over the graphs to see temperature developments, recalculate RoR and more…

Side note: The all new Roast Compare function we will shortly present will allow you to both show all the curve and roast details and compare other roasts, QC data and more.

1. ROMANIA – Alexandru Niculae – Barista School

Blend roasts 

Single Origins 


2. RUSSIAN FEDERATION – Dmitrii Borodai – Double B Coffee&Tea

Blend roasts 

Single Origins

3. UNITED KINGDOM – Matthew Robley-Siemonsma – Prufrock Coffee

Blend roasts

Single Origins – day 2



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