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World Coffee Roasting Competition 2015

The World Coffee Roasting Competition in Gothenburg is in full swing and we thought we would share some of the action with you, as many of us are not around to watch the Roast Competition in real time. The champions completed their second day of roasts with their selected coffees and are now giving the beans time to de-gas before cupping them and passing samples to the judges tomorrow.

| RI

Written by Norbert Niederhauser

Aleksander, RUSSIA

Alexandru, ROMANIA


Ça?atay, TURKEY

Joanna, SWEDEN

Min Keun, KOREA

Nicolas, MEXICO

Rubens, ITALY

Shih-Hsien, TAIWAN

Takaomi, JAPAN

  To learn more about the competitors please go to the WCRC Website. Stay tuned for detailed reports on which roasts place highest and for detailed roasting reports once we get the news of who has won this year’s championship.


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